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A sincere thank-you

Thank you to everyone who replied to my post from a couple of days ago. I have to say this forum truly is an absolute god send. I read every single post and reply made, and each and every one of them helps me. It is so wonderful that there is one place that we can completely express our emotions and feelings without any judgement at all. Equally I have learnt a significant amount of information that sadly I am storing away in my brain as I know it will be of use in the future. Having spent 3 days with Mum and Dad I have come away from them feeling utterly heartbroken, anger, deep sadness, huge amounts of guilt, a deeper determination than ever before to help them come to terms with this condition, and yet this is I'm sure how we all feel on a daily basis. Wishing all of you the strength to face another day. X

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You obviously are a lovely person. Be easy on is a long haul and things keep changing and so must we. Thank you for the thank you and the one before. Keep writing,



We can only do our best and store away the good memories.



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