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Turmeric versus Warfarin?

There have been a lot of posts about taking Turmeric. S has to take Warfarin and I have read somewhere, that Turmeric has some blood thinning properties, so should not be mixed with Warfarin. Anybody any knowledge of this? No point me asking our GP, he is pretty much next to useless, especially in things like this!!!

Yes, I know Warfarin should not be mixed with PSP as well, but we like living life on the edge in Somerset!!!

Love Heady

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Always be careful when taking supplements and prescription meds but if you're on warfarin you should at least cook with turmeric : )) delicious addition to any stir fru


Thanks for reply Healthygramma, I always put loads in my curries! While S would willingly eating them every day, don't think I could cope!!!



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