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Coq10 Uniquinol for PSP patient query.


Hey after reading about how coq10 has been benefiting some of the patients,we have decided to give it a shot for my grand dad who suffers from PSP. My question was for the ones who have already used it, which brand and how much mg is beneficial. We stay in India. As far as i know there is a brand called Healthy origins here.


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I don't know what may be best - we buy whatever brand is the best bargain at the time, and don't notice any difference among them. My guy weighs about 200 pounds and takes 1800 mgs a day, with the concurrence of his neurologist. We're due for a consult soon about that, as I've mentioned before. All the best to you and your family, Easterncedar

thanks a lot @easterncedar..wish you luck. We will be soon trying the life extension super ubiquinol..hope it has some impact.

We used to send off to USA for liquid Co-Q10. The brand was "Natures Answer" Natural Tangerine Flavor. It comes in 8 ounce bottles and was MUCH cheaper than UK health shops. Because it is liquid it can easily be added to juice or smoothie. No waste and excellent quality. Mum has gone now, but I really do think it may have been one of the reasons her PSP progressed quite slowly, also I believe it helped her energy levels.

Thanks a lot formercarer, we will be soon trying out the life extension super ubiquinol starting with 100mg...lots of love and peace to u.


According to neurologists in the States a dose of 1200 mg per day is the maximum recommended. I give my wife 3 times per day 300 mg. I have noticed that when I stop doing it her problems get worse. So it seems to have some beneficial effects on her energy levels. I discussed this with my neurologist who agrees with this.

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thanks a lot gerko, we will soon be trying the life extension super ubiquinol starting with 100mg...lots of love and peace to u.

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