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Hi. Mum is on a thickener for drinks, but not food yet, but I have noticed a change in the last week - her voice sounds more bubbly and she just coughed after eating her porridge. The speech therapist was supposed to come today but is off sick. I don't know how urgent it is to have her re-assessed. - should I call the doctor in case she's aspirating, or wait till the specialist can come - possibly at the end of the week. I'm a bit stressed x

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i wouldnt worry to much,this happened to my dad alot when he started on the thickeners,but food was a real problem,i had to do the manuvre to stop him choking many times.


Dear lindsey48

Suggest you watch this as it gives some really valuable pointers

When I started it, I thought it was rather long to watch. (Streaming and downloads really cut onto my Internet usage plan) however the specialist is a 'real people' person and her own personal demonstrations certainly helped me decide what was a 'reasonable' stance with regards to seeking medical attention.


Alana Bean - Western Australia


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