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Our dad 87 is dying now. The district nurses and dr s are refusing any pain relief they say he has non we all disagree they won't listen can

You help us we are struggling because they come same time and don't see what we see. My mum the care staff and all family disagree. He has been put on Liverpool care pathway it feels barbaric that they wont give anything for pain any help suggestions pls its too distressing to watch home suffer this way

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You absolutely have to get in touch with the hospice via a parkinson's nurse . They will take over and will tell you it is not about withdrawing treatment. The first thing mine did was listen to me and they installed pain patches on mum immediately and made sure that everyone involved followed the end of life care .They were heaven sent.if you do not have a parkinson's nurse ring the hospice direct. If you get the chance it would be better if you can get Dad transferred to the hospice and done with.


hi again i can only recommend involving ur local hospice.they are a great support at all stages of illness. my mum has cbd has attended day care for last year also respite care. hospice's care is for anyone with life limiting conditions. the earlier the contact the better in my opinion


Is your Dad at home, hospital, Nursing Home? You should have the Palliative Care Team involved - where in the country are you? You could also ring the PSPA Helpline and get them to contact whoever it is that has put him on the LCP. He should receive pain relief.

PSPA Helpline number; 0300 0110 122 call them as soon as you can! Good luck x

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