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Numbness anyone?

I've neglected the support I get from all of you lately. Between working full time, being a mom, trying to maintain a home and care for Bob, I'm pretty well spent most of the time. This evening Bob developed numbness in his whole left side. He indicated it was something new and very weird. I offered to take him to the emergency, but he didn't want to go. they never seem to help anyway unless you have a fence post through your torso, or something as obvious. It seems to have settled some after several hours. Has anyone else had this experience with PSP?

Thanks, Joan

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It doesn't seem like a PSP symptom, although I'm never surprised about PSP symptoms when one considers if affects multiple areas of the brain.

I would be more concerned about TIA's (transient ischaemic attack ) or mini stroke. Just because the numbness disappears it should be treated as serious and referred to an emergency department team (in my opinion) - especially since it's a new symptom!


I haven't heard Gerry talk about numbness but he does have some back spams and seems to have a lot of Gout lately. He has had this condition on and off throughout his life, he usually can get rid of it quickly if he addresses it with meds right away. It seems that it is not going away as usuall and I wonder if it is because he doesn't drink as much water anymore because of choking.

Sorry I couldn't help you with your question Joan and I just sort of rambled on. Hope someone else has an answer.




HI Joan

i too do not have an answerfo ryou - when isleep on my sid e (to prevent my snoring!) i ten dto awake with numnbnesss in the arm or hand but it goes when i do a few exercises

so it may be somethign or nothign with BOB but it is worth gettign it checked out with your doctor

lol JIll#



Just to clarify. If the numbness or tingling were in an isolated region (e.g. hand or arm), then Parkinson's or atypical Parkinson's (like PSP) may be responsible for the symptom, but I'm not happy he had it down his whole left side!


This is good to know. For the past several weeks I've waken in the morning with both hands numb as numb can be. Keep forgetting to mention it to my Doc; will now make a note in my health journal. Thanks.


Just a bit of further clarification. It's quite common for Parkinson's (and similar) patients to have numbness or tingling after lying down or sitting for long periods. So this should not be confused with a sudden feeling of numbness (generally on one side) that may have other implications, as I described earlier. Since laroux mentioned the term "weird" feeling, this may be significant. Sometimes with a TIA one can have "funny feelings" (and one should looked out for immediate problems with vision, speech, headache or dizziness).

Sorry for being over cautious, but I hope Bob will be OK from this episode of numbness, and find an answer from his docs.


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