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Hi, my name is Angela. I'm one of the admins here on the Pseudomyxoma Survivor community. I was diagnosed in 2010 and had cytoreductive surgery and heated chemo (HIPEC) in 2011.

I also had four days of EPIC following on from my operation. I was diagnosed with a recurrence in 2014 and have been on watch and wait since then. I'm also a volunteer and trustee with Pseudomyxoma Survivor.

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Hi - I'm Susan and I'm also part of the Pseudomyxoma Survivor community. I was diagnosed in 2003 and have had numerous operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Given 18 months to live in 2010, I am still here! Considered to be disease free, I volunteer and Chair Pseudomyxoma Survivor.

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PMPCassCommunity Champion

Hi my name is Cassie. I was diagnosed with PMP in 2018 after a misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer the previous year. I underwent CRS and HIPEC in May 2018. I have just found out about a recurrence (April 2020) and we’re monitoring the situation for now.

I feel well and life is good.

I am a volunteer trustee and buddy for the Pseudomyxoma Survivor charity.

Hi, my name is Lauren I was diagnosed in 2018 and had CRS and HIPEC 4 weeks later. I had recurrence the following year and recently left a 6 week stint in hospital following my second operation. They weren’t able to remove all of the disease this time so I was be trying chemotherapy soon. For now I am feeling grateful for what I have and planning some nice things for when lockdown is over!!

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DanceFixesAll in reply to Rosa20

Good luck with your next treatment Rosa20. I hope you can still do some of the things you love at the moment even if you are a bit restricted.

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Toadstool1Partner in reply to Rosa20

Hi Lauren - how are you doing with your treatment plan? Are you able to finally get out and about? Susan x

Hi my name is Jo. After a misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer back in January 2021, a laparotomy, major debulking, loss of my right kidney - I have now been told I have appendix cancer. I have been having weekly chemo for 15 weeks - CT Scan last Sunday and results are due back tomorrow. Feeling very very nervous.