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Change in orgasm feeling after PCa treatment?

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Curious: are you able to orgasm after PCa treatment? If so, is the feeling different than pre-treatment? How is it different?

I had IMRT, ADT, and brachyboost. Definitely different for me pre/post- treatment. Sensation is not as intense now. Location of pleasure seems to be more concentrated at head than before. Feels like major "push" from gut in order to orgasm. Sometimes a few drops of "pre-cum." Find, at 72 yrs, that arousal is faster than pre-treatment and able to repeat in much shorter amount of time than before. You?



9 Replies
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hello same experience here. The orgasm is good but not the same as before definitely a work in progress. Post RARP that’s the biggest thing I miss

I think it might be technique thing on how to climax With maximum intensity in the post RARP world.

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Well, Ed, I'm 82 and my treatment was about 18 years ago. The best I can tell you is that the nature of the orgasm changes both with circumstance and with time. I'm tempted to say no two are alike, but then my memory isn't that precise anymore. I had IGRT and in the months immediately after treatment there wasn't much change from before, except the lack of ejaculate ... although like you I find some "pre-cum" still gets mobilised and so the slippery and messy aspects continue, although diminished. The intensity of the whole-body innervation is very variable from event to event, both in intensity and longevity; I'd say the peak ones are as intense as they ever have been. The nature of the external stimuli and environment seem to affect that. What I miss most consistently is the physical sensation of the bullet rushing through the barrel; that very physical confirmation that all the hormonal and cerebral and muscle spasms got the job done.

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As I get older orgasms are less intense.

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It’s now just two years on since my Radical Prostatectomy. I found that in those two years it took a lot of effort and time to reach an orgasm with a very limp penis. Many times, frustratingly, were unsuccessful. The times that I was able to orgasm were usually quite messy and needed a towel as a mix of precum and urine would splash all over the place. The orgasm itself, though not intense, would feel satisfying enough throughout my pelvis but was very short lived. It was like the tap being suddenly shut off just as you are about to peak. Lately, in the past few months, there has been some improvement with the erectile dysfunction which is a great relief. I have found that I can get semi-hard as I masturbate. The orgasms take a lot less effort and time but still feel a bit muted compared to pre RP. Though I empty my bladder before any activity, I have found that the orgasm is slightly more intense if I shoot some precum/urine. Just use a towel. 

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I had IMRT as my treatment without any injections of anything like ADT or whatever. Luckily I am about 2 1/2 years out now and doing well. Dry orgasm which kinda sux and I know most all of you can relate to that. But the orgasm these days feels exactly the same. I feel the buildup, I feel the point of no return, etc. But still dry orgasm which I know won't change. After I am done I do get some post cum which I find kinda weird. I'll feel sticky drops on my leg or a "cum stain" in my underwear the next day. To the best of my knowledge, none of it is urine as it's all sticky. I consider myself very lucky but I do miss "shooting" and also for lack of a better word "feeding" my partner. He hasn't said a word about it, it probably bothers me more than him. At 67 I consider myself lucky so far.

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As the others have noted: yes there is orgasm. It is less intense and in my case, no semen.

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I completed a course of EBRT in August and I find that I now produce no, or very little, ejaculate. The "dry" orgasms have me feeling depressed and emasculated. I have been getting head from other guys since I was 15 and was always able to deliver a nice load; now I am not that guy any longer. That being said, the new dry-ish orgasm reality is not too bad. My doctor has encouraged me to masturbate and engage in activity, in a "use it or lose it" kind of way. I have a couple of regular FWBs who know my situation and are willing to engage in play around my new parameters and help me try new things. Who knew I would ever be a piss top? I still enjoy porn and men, and get horned. "Work in progress" is a good mindset; do what you can to get your swagger and mojo back.

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NYC_talker in reply to Tad_Allagash

I had LDR brachy (no ADT or other treatment) in January of this year, and, as I've discussed in a separate post, receptive anal sex has been as intense as before, no issues.

Regarding orgasm, same intensity. And I'm often maintaining full erection during anal sex -- which wasn't the case before treatment -- presumably because I'm on low-dose Cialis.

Yes, the ejaculate has diminished greatly. And if it's a "quick and easy" event I may just have a drop or two. I really feel for you Tad, after you wrote that you've enjoyed getting head since 15 and, unlike me, this is a major part of your sex play.

But I might have some advice: I have noticed that when I have sexual activity and don't orgasm, maybe for two or three different events in a row over a period of week, or if I have an especially long sexual action, I actually cum relatively decently when I do decide to orgasm -- like, it does squirt a bit, lasts a few seconds and is a lot more than a drop, creates its own mess. (It's clear and thin, however, not white and thick of course).

So you might want to try that, just build it up. On a couple of occasions where I've been the one sucked off, I don't think the person noticed, seemed very happy and got enough to satisfy. 😀 And at other times when I've been fucked and came, well, on one occasion I actually received the comment, "you came a lot."

So, go figure. Anyway, you might want to try just edging it a few times, either in one or separate occasions, and see if you build up a bit.

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Thanks for all of your responses. Interesting and informative to compare notes, as it were. I, too, miss the "ritual" of cum play but...oh well.

As an aside, consider getting and using a penis pump. I was in a study re gay men and prostate cancer and the study provided a pump and ED meds and helpful hints on keeping the parts working and, for those bottoms out there, how to get back in the groove, so to speak.


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