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Sling Procedure, Focal treaments for residual disease

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Hi All - I'm just over 1 year out from RARP complicated by large infected lymphocele. I am persistently incontinent, mostly SUI with activity, at 1-2 medium pads/day. I'm interested in others' experience with the Sling procedure. Successes/failures/ satisfaction. Need to progress to Artificial Sphincter? Perineal pain after procedure? Duration? Etc.

I'm contemplating pursuing this procedure this Fall/Winter. My PSA at 1 year rose from undetectable to .07 so I am somewhat concerned. If I do require radiation, I know the Sling procedure is less successful afterwards.

Also, anyone have experience with focused therapies for residual disease like PSMA linked radiation, or other, rather than external beam therapy? I like the idea of a focal treatment rather than 'shot gun' external beam should I need it.

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sling thing worked well for me (some years ago now)--and it sounds like I was significantly more incontinent than you -- I still have minor leakage at times, but easy to deal with compared to before -- I know results vary and there's at least one guy on here who had bad results, but I'm VERY glad I did it and it's a minor procedure compared to other surgeries I've had (artificial sphincter thing, they say, is much more complicated)

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