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Anyone else have occasional gross hematuria from radiation?

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Yes. I still have occasional blood in urine or semen 11 years after SBRT. It's caused by scar tissue sloughing off. Nothing to worry about. It always goes away on its own.

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spkinva in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks TA. It was a shock the first time it happened. I had no idea it could happen.

Yes. I’ve had it two or three times. Disturbing at first but it stopped. I also stopped taking turmeric, which thins the blood, and which I suspected exacerbated the situation on top of the aspirin I take nightly.

Diagnosed in 2018 and had a prostatectomy in May 2018. First (of 4) Lupron shots in July 2018. Radiation treatment in September and October 2018. Last Lupron shot in May 2019. 2 years later, I experienced bouts of gross hematuria (blood and clots in the urine) from May 2021 to July 2021. It's quite a shock to see dark crimson urine with globs of clots in it. Each time I drank a lot of water until my urine was clear. Lasts half a day or so and then goes away. It came back three more times over those two months. Hopefully, it won't visit again.

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Thanks for your response. My gross (literally) hematuria has been an issue for two weeks straight as of today. Hoping it goes away soon…

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jfw271 in reply to spkinva

You should probably see your urologist just the same. I did. He did a cystoscopy and found nothing unusual inside my bladder. It’s been five months now and haven’t had an episode of gross hematuria since, but i still expect the worse every time i urinate!

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I did the same and had the cystoscopy. I can totally relate to expecting the worst every time I urinate! Sorry you’re having the same issue but it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Love this group.

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