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Pre/Post Penile Implant

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Looking for support group dealing with pre/post penile implant. Have ED+ Peyronie's, lucky me, huh? Prostate surgery 10+ yrs ago. 64yrs old.

7 Replies has a lot of information and an active forum, including a gay section

Do not know of a support group as focused as that. My support group has two men who have implants and are doing well. One is straight; one is gay.

What I'd like to ask and know is how it "feels" to have the implant? Are they " consciously" aware of the implant in their penis? And are they aware of the pump in their scrotum? Is there any "uncomfortableness" associated with living with an implant? Thanks for the assistance...

if you are willing to share your email address, I will ask them to address this question with you. One man is straight; one man is gay. Both are good people.

Thanks for the reply. My email is

I too had Peyronie's disease, and then had post-prostatectomy ED (which hasn't recovered and hasn't responded to everything including intrapenile injections). Have an appointment with urologist who does implants in November (I live in Canada, so dependent on the health care here, and because I'm gay and prefer bottoming, not being able to get an erection is not a huge problem for me). I'm concerned that as I lost penile size post-prostatectomy, penile implant won't really help (and I know it won't cause penile length to increase), and may complicate things further. But will see what the urologist says/suggests. Good luck.

I've read that using a vacuum pump helps blood flow. I've been using one and just starting to pump until erect then releasing and pumping up again for a 2 minute total cycle. Penis looks healthier!

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