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Did any of you after your prostate surgery feel low energy?

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I had my surgery about 5 weeks ago on August 10th. I understand it takes time for the body to heal but this past week I've been feeling like my energy level has been really low. Prior to the surgery I would go to the gym, hike, bike, and walk with my neighbor. I started today walking in the morning before work to see if that helps out.

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I've had several major surgeries over the last few years, and yes, fatigue can continue for five weeks or more. Your body has had a major insult, give it time. I had had anemia after several surgeries--you might have a blood workup to check for that or other problems. Meds that you might be taking can also cause fatigue. But probably you're going to feel better quite soon. If you're not, and your not anemic, have a talk with your doc -- doesn't have to be your surgeon, can be your GP.

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I go in for bloodwork this week for a PSA and then meet with my Dr next week. I've started to walk in the morning around my neighborhood and walk in the evening with my neighbors. I figure it will take me time to get back into my groove...Im not on any meds so I should be good...

I was "low energy" for months after my RP. I had surgery in April and had a business trip to D.C. in July and was shocked by how quickly I became winded and how tired I was at the end of the day. It gradually got better, but took a while.

I started with short walks and taking more time (walking slower). 5 weeks is early to start exercise walking. I started a more of a stroll. I let any tension in the abdomen to be my guide - If I felt it, then I was doing too much.

Bet of luck and ask your doctor. My Surgery was in September 2020 - Friday will be the 1 year mark for me.

Thank you, I think the walking has helped a lot for me to get out and not only stretch but to get back to being active again. I am lucky that I can work from home due to the high covid cases and still heal from the surgery. I've also thought about doing some some inverted push ups to keep my upper body in shape. I meet with my Dr. next week and want to see what his thoughts are about returning to the gym to do some range of motion workouts and treadmill.

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