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SEX post surgery, Lupron, Radiation?

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What are men doing 3 year post, surgery , lupron, and radiation, How are they getting an erection. Besides pills , vacuum, and injections.?

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Implants, if none of those work.

BiMix injections have worked for me. Two of the men in my support group -- one gay, one straight -- had implants.

they look very painful, I have watched the surgery. Some of them don't heal well there is no going back.

Implants look painful? Or, injections look painful?I have seen the surgery performed and it certainly is destructive and irreversible. My two support group buddies do not talk about any pain. But that is only two.

I did not find injections too painful. (But there is that pleasure/pain things, too.)

I had RP, ADT (Lupron and bicalutamide for 12 months), and salvage radiation. I eventually recovered the ability to have an erection some 9 months after I stopped ADT. HOWEVER, I have pain in my groin when I become aroused that increases in intensity until I climax and then it goes away almost immediately. I've been thinking about seeing my surgeon about this, but have not done so thus far.


It will be three years around Thanksgiving that I completed 43 VMAT radiation doses, and completed 18 months of ADT.

There are issues -- despite my resolve to not let it bother me, the loss of ejaculation (what little I had, but better than nothing) is a significant source of regret for me. And, as a late bloomer into gayhood (I'm about to turn 71) it's surprising and frustrating (despite my boyfriend's kindness and understanding) to not be frustrated and increasingly anxious about the fact that while I enjoy topping and find it exciting, I have not yet had an orgasm while together -- with either him or a previous boyfriend.

I can climax with masturbation, but am forlorn that I haven't yet with my adorable boyfriend. WTF?

Anorgasmia rears its ugly head. Suggestions?

I had great success during ADT with my simple Loop device in getting reliable erections, which I am so thankful for. I still use it occasionally to get the biggest erection I'm capable of now (after losing 3/4").

(Anyone who is going into ADT should have the instructions, which I provide for free to your email upon request). Vacuum pumps, Tadalafil and injections are other erection- producing tools. The Loop was amazing in its reliability, along with daily Tadalafil 5mg.

Just feeling blue, and even questioning whether I'm truly gay after all. I'm anxious about that.

I have a weekly therapist who.I can rely on.

Any comments or encouragement would be helpful.

What is the loop never heard of that, is that some type of cock ring?

Similar, but it relies primary on "pull-pressure" much more than constriction, which is peripheral at most. It puts lovely pressure on the pereneum -- more if you pull harder. It practically forces a hard erection, in my experience.

Okay I will have to try that. I love experimenting when it comes to getting a hard on. It feel so good, because if it too difficult to manage I am not dong it. I am not sticking my dick with needles or getting my dick cut I am done with all of it. After surgery and radiation and Lupron, I want whatever is left of my life to live at optimal health whatever that is. I have always followed a good diet and worked out and still I got sick. I believe the cells are decided at birth, and we do pick our family which seems like the lessons we all need to learn. Thanks for the info.

Where does one obtain a "loop" device?

I will send instructions and commentary to your email.

What is the loop ?

You make it yourself absurdly quickly. If I'm given an email address I will send instructions and commentary on how it was such a godsend -- keeping me hard during 18 months of ADT.

Hi, I never received the instructions. Some confusion with email. Mine is: Thanks in advance.

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