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HIFU information

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Hi all,

I am a gay prostate cancer survivor and this site has literally saved my life. I had an RP 3 Years ago at 51 years old. PSA rose to 11, 5 out of 12 biopsy cores were positive. Gleason 3+4.

I unfortunately did not find this site until after my surgery and really feel like the whole process was rushed….

I now have a friend in a very similar situation. His doctor is really pushing the HIFU option. I had never heard of it. I know some basic information, like insurance doesn’t pay, but I’m hoping you all can weigh in with some facts as well as pros and cons.

I’m hoping my friend joins this group… you are an amazing group and I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the support.


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Here's my opinion about HIFU (TULSA-PRO is its latest variant):


Hi Tall Allen, I can’t open your link

hmm. it works for me. Try:


I figured it out…. Thanks! Good info

Hey Norman.

We chatted last year when I was struggling with ED issues. (I'm in Braintree.) I just saw your post and consulted Dr. Google. The best info that I found is from Cleveland Clinic and UCLA:



I hope this is helpful.


Thank you

I reviewed a lot of the literature prior to my treatment; I wanted to know as much as I could - pros and cons of each. Bottom line for me was: what is the procedure - with all the possible gory details (you might be surprised at the procedural videos on YouTube and on hospital websites); what are the outcomes of each - "success" rates (and what is meant by success?); immediate and long term side effects. I also asked a lot of questions here. All of that being said, I chose radiation (IMRT and brachyboost) and ADT (horrible side effects for me). Basically, I wanted a "tried and true" treatment that had lots of research/info supporting it. So, HIFU was not for me. I think Tall_Allen's article summarizes it all. You might also want to look at Prostate Cancer Foundation site - they provide good comparisons of treatments.

Good luck to you and your friend. It ain't easy.


I am a physician, gay, prostate cancer patient.1. I would never respond to a demand that a rushed decision should be made. PCa is not an emergency.

2. I would not choose HIFU for my treatment.

3. I would look at Tall_Allen’s charts comparing treatments.

4. I would respect the opinion of the FDA with all those evidence-driven people: why have they never approved HIFU for treatment of PCa? HIFU does not stand up in comparison to surgery or to radiation.

5. I would not choose for me a treatment that is not-good-enough.

I had HIFU in 2017 at 50 years old. I do not recommend it. I’m cancer free but I still have side effects and my bank account is $25K lighter. The weirdest side effect is I still occasionally ejaculate blood…it’s been almost 5 years ago. Doctor says it isn’t a result of HIFU. Bullshit. I never had the problem before. I would try another treatment. Actually if I had a “do-over” I would have chosen active surveillance. The treatment drastically altered my life.

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