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PSA Post Ralp

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Hi Guys,

I am Post Ralp 2 months. My Gleason score from the pathology report was 7.

The pathology Stage is P3: pT3a The margins are clear.

My first PSA Test was 0.05 It is the ' High ' side of undetectable.

It was disappointing, but, OK. We are waiting for the next results.

I have been reading the threads. Is it true that Bladder Retention can make the

PSA post Ralp result Higher? I am schedule for my next PSA in August.

I've always been a guy who was 10-20 overweight. I found my Urologist condescending about that. He seemed " Preachy " about a healthy lifestyle.....almost like in the Walsh book about Prostate Cancer. Is this all true? This is worse than my cardiologist who I adore.

I lost a female friend in 2020 due to Fat Shaming when she went to the doctor. She quit going to the doctor and self treated her asthma with drugs from India.

Covid " Did Her In ".

Thanks for hearing me out.


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No, bladder retention cannot make PSA higher post-prostatectomy.

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FLLStan in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate it.

It's always easy for a skinny person to tell someone else to loose weight. I wouldn't loose sleep over it. You have enough worries to keep in check. If otherwise healthy, ignore him. My personal solution is to find heavier doctors.

Sometimes it takes a while for the body to cleanse itself of all the old nasty PSA. Relax a little, enjoy life and just see what the next test does. Hopefully it will be even lower.

Take care.

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FLLStan in reply to Ram17

Thank Ram!

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