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First Post - Introduction!


Introducing myself after joining some 4 years ago. I live in a rural area in NE Indiana. I have relied upon and supported this site for a few years. I have learned a great deal and admire all that have contributed, especially the moderator. I haven't felt I had much of value to share, but perhaps my experience with Gleason 10, might be helpful. In short, my profile gives a very brief summary of my initial medical status and then treatments with an aggressive (Gleason 10) prostate cancer. Ron

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Ron, My diagnosis was back in 2004 with 8 wks of radiation. It was PSA 6.9 and Gl. 6 and haven’t had ADT...

You have had a lot happening....Question, r you still on Lupron? If undetectable i am assuming not.

After 16 years i basically have ED which isn’t the worse times, sometimes a dry orgasm...

Nice scenery in the background...

How are you doing, otherwise?


Ron_R in reply to billy1950

Billy, thanks for the note. I'm not on Lupron and doing okay. I get a PSA blood drawn every two - three months given the aggressive nature of my diagnosis. How are you doing? I'm keeping busy, for the most part, with home projects, snow clean up and time with my dog. I'm in NE Indiana and we've been getting snow and more is on the way. Shovel/snow blower time! I'm not on this often, but will attempt to correct that in order to stay current with emails. Apologies for the tardy response. Best, Ron

billy1950 in reply to Ron_R

Hi Ron,

Same here with the snow...we are having snow “on and off” here in upstate NY...i lived in Chicago for years and remember the winters. A lot of cold and wind...

I am doing ok after 16 years having been treated with radiation in 2004-2005. Recently went for MRI and bone scan. My PSA is 1.67 but i wanted to check things out...i take it you aren’t taking any med, etc.


Ron, everyone's story is of value - and that means your story too. As men we mostly go unaware about this disease until something thrusts us head on into it. Hopefully our stories and opening up to discuss it with other men around us will help all men and bring awareness to younger men so they are better prepared and knowledgable.

Ron_R in reply to JDP13

Thank you!

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