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anyone else putting off a five-year colonoscopy (was due in July) due to Covid?

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I just had one a couple of weeks ago. They tested me for covid-19 prior.

jimreilly in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks, Yeah, that's what I've heard (about getting tested), and I presume the medical personal involved are all tested frequently. I'm more worried about transportation getting there and back, and other incidental exposure involved.

Tall_Allen in reply to jimreilly

I wore a mask until they gave me an oxygen mask. Propofol anesthesia. All the personnel wore masks. I wore a fresh hospital gown and booties and put my own clothes into a fresh plastic bag, which was locked up. Only 2 people were allowed in a large waiting room. A trusted friend picked me up (required).

I did all spring but did it in July. I was required to get a test three days before and quarantine until the procedure.

I would rely on my physician's guidance.

I have one coming up also. Like the others, 3 days ahead I have to have the Covid test and then the procedure. I'll have a friend drop me off and pick me up. While I certainly wear a mask at all times and like to feel safe, I feel this should be a relatively in terms of Covid, risk free. The friend that drops me off lives here also.

have one scheduled for Dec 03

expect no problems - I did put off scheduling it - but that was spring - and then the summer - I was busy enjoying the weather and the allowed socializing

My experience with medical personnel is that things are safe and they are working hard to stay safe themselves. Yes a test and quarantine are - and should be - part of the process.

Good luck


I had mine done in September. They just had me record my temperature for the seven days prior. They asked about symptoms and took my temperature the day of my procedure. Masks required and all precautions by the staff were taken. I just had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago, and they required a COVID nose test a week before. I think they're requiring that test for every procedure now.

I delayed mine for several months.

Recently my Dr. Contacted me and advised that they would complete my Colonoscopy, I just needed to have a Covid Test 3 days prior.

I did and only had 2 small Palups.

Much relieved and am happy I did it.

Good luck.

What were your results 5 years ago? Go with what you feel comfortable with.

jimreilly in reply to JDP13

Given the spread of the virus here right now I think I'd rather wait a bit longer

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