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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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Testosterone Therapy Does Not Increase the Risks of Prostate Cancer Recurrence or Death After Definitive Treatment for Localized Disease


In the largest observational study so far, Sarkar et al. reported that men in the US Veterans Administration (VA) database who received surgery or radiation for localized prostate cancer and then received testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for low testosterone were at no greater risk for recurrence than a matched sample of such men who received no TRT.

Here's an article about it:


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thanks for posting this; it may be time for me to revisit this with my doc

I like what I read, except I am not sure what I read. I am waiting for someone to put this in street language.

That is street language. Ask questions.

I researched as much as I could with this sites assistance and presented it to my urologist students the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Six months after my surgery for prostate removal and .01 test he approved my starting my testosterone again at a more limited dose. I went back to full dose two years ago. My surgery was 6 years ago. I continue to have .01 tests.

My T =17, the PSA is 1., down from 1.4.

Would it be OK if I started T?

No. This is only for men that have been treated for localized prostate cancer. Localized means the cancer was completely within the prostate and was curatively treated with either primary surgery or radiation. None of this applies to your case.

Thanks- TA

Thanks, Allen. Time for me to see Dr. Mills!

Is this fit to my father case allen?

Thnk alot

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No. This is for men who have been cured.

I think it will be awhile before this would be considered after Tulsa Pro.

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I agree.

Thanks for posting, TA! Any research being done with men with advanced PC?

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No research. But you want to be sure your whole-pelvic radiation was curative before you start TRT.

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