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body changes on Lupron

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I have been on Lupron for 30 months

and it is doing what it is supposed to - PSA is very very low

bone scans show no new growths and some have lessened and I am grateful.

However, I am having body issues. lack of muscle tone - shrinkage of body mass and fat especially in the breasts and the abdomen - not a beer gut

so I have a consult appointment with a cosmetic surgeon who works in the Oncology Dept where I get my treatments University of Chicago.

I am wondering if others have had fat reduction therapy/procedures and would be willing to share their experience - what you had done - how does it look - how long did it last etc

Thanks for any info and input


12 Replies
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take tamoxifen with it to prevent breast enlargement.

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Nice you can afford the cosmetic surgery. Most can't

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You are brave. I would rather die than take that lupron

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pjd55d in reply to Vitruviusman


Not sure I CAN afford the surgery - that's what the consult is about

1 What can they do

2 What will it look like - what happens to the skin - will it look like a deflated balloon

3 How long will it last

4 How much does it cost

have to decide if I will spend the $ there or - upgrade passage on an around the world cruise - I DO plan to die broke

I read with great interest - and compassion - and sympathy your postings and comments. One of the principle reasons I joined this site - is I am looking for support from other men who get it ... have been there or are there. I have always been very active - lots of men - some hook ups - some " servicing " other men's husbands - and some women's husbands - I like men - always have - I am a child of the wild 60s and 70s

Life is really different now - and rather dramatically over the past 18 months

I miss the men - the look - smell - taste - feel

I have amazing friends and lots of positive things in my life and for lots of days I can get up and say " ok - I'm alive and living life " but I miss the men. I told my good guy professional compassionate therapist: " There is a reason why I want to have sex with men - and you don't. I am a homosexual and you are not. We experience sex differently. Not better - just differently." He sat up straight and blinked. The next session I brought a classic " Tom of Finland " type porn calendar

and asked: " What do you see ? " ... ahem - fantasy expression of hyper masculinity.

" Yes ! Men - excited by men. It makes my mouth water. I want that man ! And even more importantly - I want THAT man to want me in the same way.

All that being said - the most difficult part ( almost wrote hardest - shit ) is waking up in the middle of the night and reaching out - to an empty bed.

Any guys with partners who have stuck by them are blessed beyond imagination

not done yet - but it ain't easy


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Hello. I am having the same issues. I had a very nice muscular body up until I had the operation followed by radiation and hormone therapy.

As a result of the Lupron, beside the devastating lack of functionality and of sexual desire, the collapse of my muscle and the reshaping of my body with fat has been very hard to accept. To this day I am ashamed of my husband seeing me naked and I avoid it constantly.

I have not had any procedure. But I think if you Can do something about it, more power to you. I think the Affects of the hormones will taper down with time , but if you can do surgery on it and get it over with I think it will make you feel great. I guess you will need to check with your doctors as far as the safety of the procedure. I lament our situation, but the alternative is dire.

Have a happy life,

kind regards.


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Healthynurse in reply to Ciro

I don't like the whole fucking thing, it makes me feel so messed up. Physical mental and emotional. It makes me sad and angry , almost regretful. I am grateful for the surgery , and somewhat of a cure. But it opens another Pandora's box. When does it get better? Its been almost a year post radiation and Lupron my T is 258 and I feel horrible. I am trying its difficult. My husband is the one reason I am still here. His love and care has been amazing, and good friends. this really pushes gay men to limit. I am here and finding my way back to my body, I thought I already did this. this is my 3 rd year post finding out. I hope you all find your way. I am seeing its a step by step process.

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RMHFlorida in reply to Healthynurse

I hope all of this gets better for you, I know for me I feel pretty much the same way you do and don't know if my life will ever be the same again, maybe it's not supposed to... I don't know...

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Hi there. It looks like you are also in Chicago. I too have had surgery, followed by EBRT and Lupron and am experiencing body changes. I have not explored what can be done. Would love to hear about your experiences.

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pjd55d in reply to GayLaw


yes - contact chat - all good - a little busy right now but times do open up

I am retired and have a pretty flexible schedule


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pjd55d in reply to GayLaw

things have settled down -

would be great t o get together



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I have been on ADT for 17 months. My doctor always changes the subject when I ask about a "holiday". For me, the loss of sex is not the biggest problem. I had a magnificent partner for 36 years. He passed away 20 months ago. He was my one true love. The sex had faded away with the progression of my disease, then he developed lymphoma, but we shared love and dedication to the end. I miss the sex, but more than that, I miss feeling well. I have aged 20 years in 2. A good friend of ours put up with ADT for 4 years and finally gave up. He was dead within a year after quitting. I always questioned how he could be so weak as to give up on the treatment. Now I know.

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pjd55d in reply to Timfc

really - hang in there

don't give up

life IS still sweet - I just have to look for it sometimes ...

a big cyber hug to you

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