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6 month salvage radiation update

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Had my update today after my summer radiation treatments from 2018. The news wasnt good. My PSA after robotic surgery has never hit the zero mark that my Dr's are looking for me to hit. I started treatment at 0.4 moved up to 0.8 now 6months later its up 1.0. Its a struggle especially when MRI found nothing prostate bed is smooth. Ed is easing incontinence minimal but there is cancer somewhere. The struggle continues. One radiologist wants me to start hormone theraphy the other suggest waiting another 6 months and rescanning for any possible cancer cells before hormone treatment as the PSA may begin to drop or there may still be other options.

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Time for you to engage a prostate cancer focused medical oncologist. You have many options ahead of you and a medical oncologist will help you sort those out.

Sorry to read that, man. Hard to hear, I'm sure. I agree with Darryl - medical oncologist can help in sorting out options (and without bias, I've found).

If you've not had hormone injection, might I suggest a book, "Androgen Deprivation Therapy"? Layman's guide of what to expect. Wish I had read it prior to my experience with ADT.

Good luck to you.


Hey Ed, Thanks for book recommendation. I am gonna pick it up.

Good for you!

My heart goes out to you. I hope you are taking good physical care of yourself and immersing yourself in the positive energy of friends and family around you wishing you well (as I do too!)

Hey Rod, Sorry to hear about your experience. I have just begun ADT with a plan to do RT in a couple months. Have you considered a PET Scan. I had one a couple months ago. They are extremely sensitive and can detect signs of PSA cancer cells in other areas of the body. I dont know where you live but because they are fairly new to USA, many hospitals offer patients to be in study, as a way of not paying for scan. In NYC, I know Weill Cornell, and Sloan Kettering both offer that option. Good Luck my friend.

Sending lots of healing positive energy your way.

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