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Rising PSA, biopsy, possible surgery, sex etc. The journey continues...

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Hey Fellas, Hope everyone had a good weekend. So, my journey continues. The new update is I am scheduling a biopsy on the lymph node that is producing PSA and then most likely will opt to have surgery for it to be removed. I checked 2nd PSA and I am now at 1.15 ng/ml. That has gone up from the original 0.7 last month. It seems to be rising quickly. Boy this shit is making me nervous. I have a team of doctors at both Weill Cornell and MSK that are advising me on treatments. I am wondering if anyone on here has had a similar experience of a rising PSA post-radical prostatectomy and if so, what did you do? Thanks again for all the support. In other news...lol. over the weekend I had my first trimix induced erection to achieve penetrable sex since my surgery in August.

Boy that was a little bit of a mind-fuck. I was engaged in foreplay and then had to excuse myself and go into the bathroom to do trimix. The combination of going between two very different mindsets, I.e.-the foreplay/arousal mindset followed by a very logical/cognition mindset to carefully administer a tiny needle in the side of my penis, and then back to sex, was quite the head trip. However, I was able to accomplish the task and having the feeling of returning to a sex life similar to the one I had pre-pc was very encouraging to keep doing what is necessary to rid myself of the disease. So that is me today. More will be revealed, I guess. Lastly, I wish everyone a healthy prosperous week.

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Compliments Dreamweaver on your confidence and success stradling between the two worlds. Very encouraging for me and thanks for putting yourself out here.

I’m delighted to hear you had sex. I have yet to have a hard on strong enough but am continuing with the injections. Sorry to hear about the rising PSA but you have wasted no time in getting a plan to deal with it. I had lymph node involvement as well. It was in two and he took out twenty during RP surgery. My PSA is lower than yours but increased by 43% in three months. I had my repeat test today and should have the results later in the week. The plan is a PSMA-PET scan followed by radiation treatment.

Yeah it looks like You may be right behind me with treatment. I will keep you posted on what I learn.

Hey, congratulations on your success and the flexibility of your mind!

Are you talking to Zelefsky at MSK?

Been trying to get appt, but have one with Daniel Danila, MSK Rad Oncon next week. Have you heard of him?

No, sorry.

Couldnt get appt quick enough with Zelefsky, but his colleague Dr. SHasha is supposed to be really good as well. He is also on our team (wink-wink)...lol, and I think will be good.

You’re doing all the right things and have such a great outlook.

The men i've spoken to said sex is a little different but still good. Thank you for sharing that you were able to sex back on track.

I just consulted with my surgeon (I did my due diligence and surgery is the route I've chosen) and he is telling me that he won't be leaving a significant amount of nerves in place. Obviously the pending impotence is of great concern, and puts me into bouts of depression on and off.

Do you feel you erection was completely due to the injections, or do you or did you have some limited response without the injections?

In any case, your comments are encouraging. Thank you.

Hey Mark, I experienced some limited response before I started injections. Maybe a 4 out of 10. Most doctors will recommend 5 mg of cialis daily after surgery. I posted a video in one of my earlier posts by a good doctor over at MSK who specializes in penile rehabilitation. His name is Dr.Mulhall at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Check it out. I know it feels scary but you can and will get through this with a sex life if you want. Best wishes

We're either or both of your nerves spared?

How did the lymph surgery go? How did you learn that it was positive.

That is so great that you were able to navigate thru all the levels and have sex.

Good on you DreamMan!

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