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Semi Erection & Orgasm 3 days after surgery

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So i know this is 3rd email today but wanted to share that after going through the post-op material the hospital sent home with me and watching all the recovery from prostatectomy videos tonight, I figured ok this is day 3 since catheter was removed, so I might as well give it a try. I locked myself in my home office turn on some porn and grabbed some lube. Very grateful to report I was able to achieve a semi-erection, but more importantly, I had an orgasm! So weird, but felt amazing just the same. I am truly holding this recovery with an open hand and trying to keep realistic expectations but I would be remiss if I didn't share the possibilities I'm experiencing after 3 days without a catheter.

Thanks again,

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Hi Dreamweaverman VERY good news regarding your orgasm and semi erection. Do ask your doctor whether frequent masturbation might not be a good thing, for the next few weeks or so. Your body is still healing. No matter what your doctor says, do be gentile to your penis, focus on your glans, and use lube on your hand/penis. Men with "semi's" and "chubbies" are more likely to tug and pull than men with full erections. Your penis is connected to the rest of your've got a couple of months of internal healing to go through.

Hi Darryl, i thought the same thing, but the post surgery instructions surgeon gave said to begin masturbation 3-days after catheter removal. The reason for this is many surgeons who perform this surgery said that scarring begins quickly and getting blood flow to penis is very important to avoid scarring. I can send you information and video lectures.

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Yes. Please send those. I’ll direct message my email address. Thanks

damn, sounds great to me--you're ahead of the game--congratulations

what was the dry orgasm like. I kniw is ahrd to describe. I have heard some say you may expell aome urine. To me that isnt a horrible thing and may feel good. Feel free to private if you would like. Danwinters1966@gmail. i had a circumcision at the same time. thought I would see how the other half lives so i wont be tryimg for several more weeks.

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Dry orgasm doesn't feel much different, but great - NO STICKY MESS. Yes, some men, like me have "climacturia" or even "erectile incontinence". It doesn't happen every time, less likely when your bladders empty. The climacturia can actually be interesting! Just have to be sure to not drink too much before going to bed (sleep), gives wet dreams a new meaning!

I am so thankful to have doing JD this place. Questions you can’t ask. My D. Told me he will start me on the oral ED meds at 6 week check I am telling him I want the pump. Tri mix injections as well as the vibratory stimulators. I am sort of at a loss about the I continence. I obsessed with being clean and change pass 8 x a day. It is day 2 with catheter out. When I stand I feel urome come out. When I go stand over toilet I feel the irone there but nothing happens. Except a few bloody dribbles. Normal I know for some blood. But I did wake up in middle of night and thought I will go stand in there and when I pull my pad down the urine streams out I try to see if I can halt it and have had an inkling of it. I am so trying to stay patient which isn’t in my make up for getting anything done. Do any of you go on a drinking schedule like drink one hour off 2. Or anything. I am used to a lot of fluids from running and living in Texas. I just like something to drink always. I wonder if I keep my bladder full all the time if this will be an issue.

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