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Update on post-prostatectomy issues and follow-up

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Had follow-up in January 2018 post-radical prostatectomy last September. Nodes negative but positive margins, and metastatic workup negative. Gleason 8.

Recovered well; pretty well continent after doing pelvic floor exercises for 3 months post catheter removal. Odd occasions of minimal stress incontinence so continuing the pelvic floor exercises, and wearing a pad, which isn't a disaster.

Had pelvic radiation because of higher grade and positive margins. No side effects or complications from that apart from more frequent bowel movements (probably also due to recommended milk of magnesia during treatment). Fortunately didn't have side effects like tiredness, blood in stool etc.

No erections yet, despite daily Cialis and trying to get one by manual stroking. Unfortunately my spouse has been diagnosed with dementia so not a great sexual partner any longer.

One thing the urologist didn't tell me was that penis would be shorter post-prostatectomy - I think I lost about 1/2-1 inch of the flaccid penis, and after being circumcised as a kid, almost have a non-circumcised penis again! I presume this is due to the urethra being resected, and then re-anastomosed...Bummer as I wasn't that long before. Oh well.

Upcoming PSA follow-up this coming week.

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Try using the pump everyday. That can sometimes help regain lost length and girth.

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Thank you

Hope your recovery continues well!

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I attended a pump clinic in hospital last week and the medical rep told me a vacuum pump would help to regain lost length. Waiting for it to arrive but tried one in the clinic and it was nice to see a hard on again. 8 weeks post operation today.

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thanks for the information

Thanks for the information

best of luck on your continued recovery--shame that even now many men are not warned about loss of length--hope Allen's advice helps!

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Thanks Jim. Will continue to provide feedback.

My two cents... I used multiple drugs with no good response. I also tried multiple pumping devices, but for me they're a waste of time. Engorgement achieved but not for long, and I thought the bands used to constrict blood flow and maintain erection were uncomfortable and not worth the hassle. I'm 3 years out and recently started Trimix injections. Believe me, this stuff works! Forget the visual of inserting a needle into your penis... it's really no big deal and WOW! This is really the best solution and I wish I had started with it. Even if you use this temporarily while healing progresses, you'll get full and complete engorgement, which is needed to ensure your penis doesn't shrink any further. No erection = shriveled piece of worthless meat. Good luck my friend!

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Hi Bill, thanks for the information. My urologist told me about Trimix, and I might ask him for a prescription as I have an upcoming appointment next week.

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