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Just stumbled upon this site. Got the radical prostatectomy done on Feb 14, 2017. Wanted to know if anal sex is possible again and when.

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  • Yes, it's possible, but wait 3-6 months. They just stitched your urethra back together and you don't want to tear it. Some guys say it feels the same, others say the feeling is reduced. Let us know!

  • Thanks so much! I know I should wait, just didn't realize how long. It should be very interesting when it happens ;-)

  • the feeling varies for it depends on the size of cock

  • yes wait at least 8 months yes wait at least eight months to a year after this procedure. Do not take Cock that is big. Try a small one first

  • To Vitruviusman's point, yeah maybe, assuming you have a variety of Cock for this purpose to choose from.

  • maybe Vitruiusman is promoting his for the job :) seriously, unless you are talking about record holder cocks or huge toys, i doubt there would be much difference in what damage different sized cocks would do, once you are healed. once you get past the anus it is pretty much wide open.

  • I had my radical prostatectomy in 2011. I waited a year and was fine. Unfortunately, I am single and have not been sexually active for a few years. :( ... Any warm affectionate love starved tops out there? :)

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