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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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NEW Erectile Dysfunction group

Please feel encouraged to join our new ED community ED Talk

Anal insertive aware


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Is this erectile dysfunction support group an in-person face to face group meeting in New York City ? Please let me know about the group. You know day, time, location. Thank you.


That group no longer meets. Schedule of existing groups here:


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Thank you for your fast reply to my inquiry. I visited the link in your reply.

I have the time and am close enough to Union Square to investigate the weekly group and monthly gay men's group. And nothing can substitue for an in person appearance. But it's unclear to me if these groups are for anyone with a history of prostate cancer treatment or for newly diagnosed men.

Please tell me if the population includes men, like me, whose treatment isn't recent but whose side effect of erectile dysfunction is. That is my issue.

I'm hoping the answer is yes. Being part of a support group/fellowship has always lifted my spirts and spurred me on to face the challenge at hand. E.D. has become a source of depression and isolation as I've acknowledged it's impact on my daily life.

Thank you.



Everyone diagnosed with prostate cancer at any time is welcome


Thank you, Darryl. I don't think I have a choice. I have to get back on my feet and start my personal journey to find the right tool(s) to deal with my concerns. So I should be at the next scheduled meeting. Joel messaged me to say that the regular meeting won't happen 12/28/16 or 1/2/17 so I guess that the first meeting of 2017 will be January 9th. And I'll put that on my calendar. All the best, Harvey


January 4


Thanks, Darryl. Joet T. sent me a message saying that groups wouldn't meet on Wed. December 28 2016 and January 2 2017 (and having not looked at the calendar) I added 7 days to the 2nd of January and came up with January 9th. Thanks for the correction.


I just realized he must that Joel was advising me that the Gay Mens Prostate Cancer group wouldn't meet in the month of January. I'm a slow learner.

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