Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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Hello, I have not seen any info about exercising (except kegels) before or after treatment. I was and still am a pedal bike rider, Have U any info on whether it could help or hinder in making progress toward treating prostate cancer. By the by, I am 72 and 1/2 years old, was married and I have a son and thanks to him I'm gay and proud. I have T1c level cancer, I have one option for active surveillance of the condition. My Gleason numbers were two six's and three sevens (with the 3's first).

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It can affect your PSA readings but it won't do anything to the cancer. Just wait 2 days after your last bike ride and after sex before you get your PSA tested.

I know that men with Gleason 3+4 and fewer than half the cores positive may sometimes opt for active surveillance, but I don't know how long you'll be able to stay on it with those numbers. Remember that active surveillance must involve a confirming biopsy within the first year and, in your case, frequent biopsies thereafter. The whole point is that if and when the cancer should progress, you are ready to take action.

To that end, now would be a good time to start meeting with various specialists. You have, no doubt, already talked to a urologist who does surgery. In addition, I recommend you talk to specialists in SBRT and brachytherapy.


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You are a candidate for the Polaris test. This test can help you confirm if you are a good candidate for active surveillance or a more proactive response. The test looks at the genetics in your biopsy tissue that was collected.



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