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27 months post 39 sessions of EBRT and completion of 3 years of ADT my PSA remains at <=0.08

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Same boring repetitive news, my PSA remains at <=0.08 after completing 3 years of ADT (including 39 sessions of EBRT) for very high risk locally advanced (regional) prostate cancer.

Never thought such boring repetitive news could be so joyful!!!

I’m definitely in the VERY lucky category (obviously my radiation oncology team and local PCP team are responsible for my good luck!!).

My testosterone level has skyrocketed to an unbelievable 🔬2. Yes you read that correctly, just 2. I know that if it’s coming back, it could take 18 months to 2 years. I knew what I was signing on to at the outset.

However I didn’t really believe that 3 years later I would show no evidence of disease and have an undetectable PSA and be alive and well!!!

I’m living beyond my dreams 🥳🍾


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Looks great. Keep up the good fight.

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I'm one year in and it's comforting to read about your success. Keep the good news coming.

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Fantastic, boring results, Hugh; long may they continue!Stay safe,

Fran 😷

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Congrats 🙌🏻

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Great news indeed. Keep an eye on your T and exercise as much as you can to help it return.

As your T rises more and the PSA remains low, you’ll be ‘bored’ beyond belief😀

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Hugh, as your T level rises so, too, will your PSA.

I am now 27 months since my last of 25 EBRT sessions and 18 months since my last three-monthly hormone injections (Zoladex). I had 6 ADT injections in all.

Rad onc said that the hormone injections were necessary to lower my T level in order to make the rad sessions more effective.

In just six months before I had the rad treatments, my PSA went from 18.6 to an "undetectable" <0.02, and my T level dropped from 8.3 nmol/L (Canadian measurement and equal to about 90 US) to an also "undetectable" <0.4 (4-5 US).

My latest three-monthly blood-letting showed that my T level has now returned to just above its pre-rad level (8.6 or 95 in USA), and my PSA doubled to 0.04.

If PSA reaches 0.1, I will enquire, but feel pretty good until it goes up to 0.2.


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Hugh, as a postscript to my recent posting, like you, I, too, was on Casodex, but only for 30 days commensurate with my first Zoladex injection.

I do a lot of continual research on my condition and found out that 25 EBRT were just as effective as the 40 that were originally planned for me.

Likewise, I learned that 6 injections were just as effective as the 8 that were originally planned for me.

My rad onc, who I think is fantastic, agreed with me on both counts.

However, if i had to do it over again, I would have a serious discussion with rad onc to lowere injections to 3, maybe 4.

The side effects of the hormone injections and the rad treatments have been very uncomfortable and are doggedly persistent even 18 months after my final injection.

Monitoring in Toronto

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Aodh in reply to Monitoring

Like you have experienced, I too expect the treatment side effects to last quite some time especially from ADT. I just rejoice that It looks that I may have a durable remission ahead of me!


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westof in reply to Boywonder56

Hmm... Hey BW, translate please...


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Boywonder56 in reply to westof

Irish for ...cheers....🍻

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Fantastically good boring news!Seriously its great to hear that. It couldn't be for a more deserving person Hugh.

I sure appreciate your presence here on the forum and it looks like your around for the long haul. In a good way.

Congrats man!

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Aodh in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Thank you.

The help and support that I have received here on Malecare has been invaluable to me; I feel a responsibility to be here for others also, irrespective of how durable my remission may be. I’ll always chime in when my experience may be helpful.

I am so grateful for this site and the people on it.


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Boring is GREAT !! Mike

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Great news!

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That is awesome news, congrats.

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