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Frequent urination at night - poor sleep

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Have query into my urologist - but thought I'd throw it out here for comment. 9 weeks post brachy and 11 weeks post EBRT. Up until 3 weeks ago was getting up 3-4x a night to pee - which was fine. Recently that has crept up to 6-8x a night, which sucks for sleep. I reduced my tamulosin from 2x to 1x a day, with no change. I assume this is just another hump to get over and with time it will resolve. Thoughts? Thanks.

66 yo, 2 lesions, G 4+5, no SV involvement, no mets. 8 months into 18 months of Lupron.

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I found that Rapaflo worked a lot better than Flomax. Take it at night, and if you take Flomax, take 2 - just get up slowly.

I also had some increased frequency of nighttime urination after SBRT. Not to the level you have, but was wearing on me. I had little or no relief with flomax. I started taking the lowest dose of cialys, generic tadalafil (2.5mg), and it has really helped. It can have some side effects too, but after nine months or so, none that have affected me. Your insurance may not approve it’s use, but with GoodRX, it is under $40 for a 90 day supply. I often get through the night now without getting up and at most it is once. I also have pretty much abandoned beer. A couple of beers, even very early in the evening guarantee a nighttime trip to the bathroom. Good luck.

I started to use Ambien so the urges didn't wake me as easily. Tranquility overnight pad recommended

Everyone reacts differently to these life saving procedures. I also had SBRT and urinary difficulties post-radiation. It took 2 years for me to reach a baseline. Most nights still up a couple of times. I found that OAB medication was helpful in addition to Flomax.

Thanks all

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