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Number of radiation treatments for prostate cancer

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I’m new here and recently diagnosed for prostate cancer. Focused on radiation therapy as likely treatment option. What are pros and cons of number of treatments when considering 5 treatments over two weeks versus 25 treatments over five weeks?

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Convenience and cost.

I recently was treated with 5 SBRTs at UTSouthwestern, a teaching hospital in Dallas.When first diagnosed with Gleason 7, 4-3 I was offered 40 treatments of radiation by a private Urology group(no other option). When I fired them and went to UTSW, my professional RO stated that with her she offers 20 or 5 treatments and not 40. I asked her the difference and she stated 40 treatments were all about profit and not needed. She explained her patients can choose, but in my case since I was relatively healthy she suggested 5, patients that have certain health issues she recommends 20.

Healthcare is a business, my RO taught at the medical school, did research and practiced medicine, definitely a full schedule, but could also give me seemingly 100% unbiased medical advice not swayed by profit to her or some private medical group.

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Continued thanks for your thoughts and help this week vis phone and blog!

According to studies I have seen (I did not choose RT for myself) are early side-effects more pronounced with 5 treatment whereas late toxicity is similar in both.

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My RO said .02% differential inside effects of 5 vs 20, I took those odds.

Mine is 26 treatments plus ADT

Mine was VMAT-RT 3Gy X 20 fx on a G(4+3=7)Grade 3. ADT for 6months.75 yo with a lot of health problems.

I did 25 radiation treatments and it was a real grind. I think if I had been offered the option of only 5 treatments giving the same results, I would have jumped on it.

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