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Seeking a natural cure for prostate cancer.

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I am a 70 y/o , diagnosed with Intermediate Grade Prostate Cancer in April 2021. Biopsy showed one Gleason 8 (4+4), one 7 (4+3) and the rest were mostly 6 s and 7s (3+4). After much reading I opted to go the natural healing route; I spent two weeks in Baja Mexico doing modified Gerson Therapy. Treatment was GCMAF, Leatrille B17 injections, Ozone therapy , Magnetic Pulse therapy and Hyperbaric Chamber. The diet was changed to 100% plant based organic without ant spices , salt or oil. The only oil i can use is 2 tsp of Flaxseed oil per day. I drink 9 fresh carrot juices and 3 green juices a day and do 3 coffee enemas for liver detox. The results are very interesting and encouraging. My weight has dropped from 190 lbs to 155lbs( I am 5'11"), my waist has gone from 37 to 32" and all my blood work looks very good. The C-Reactive Protein inflammation marker has dropped from 8.1 to 0.7. PSA is down a bit from 14.4 to 12 .63. The protocol is not at all easy to follow, but i have stuck with it and plan to for another 14 months.

Forgive me if all this sounds strange; My thinking is that we all have microscopic cancers in our body, mine just manifested in the prostate. Removing it from there (surgery or radiation) is not a guarantee that it may not re manifest somewhere else. My body created the tumor because my lifestyle and diet for 69 years and that our body can heal it from within. The 24 month strict protocol is but a small penance, with numerous positives and no side effects whatsoever.

I just got the results of my second Biopsy; It has not gotten worse, if anything , it may have gotten slightly better. NO, Gleason 8 and the rest are 3+3 or 3+4s, may be the Gleason 8 was missed by the needle. I don't want to crow too early, i am cautiously optimistic and feel quite empowered. I am going to be doing a PSMA scan in the next 2 weeks to rule out a spread outside the prostate. It should come out clean, but one never knows. I do believe in science, i have not forsaken it.

A great philosopher once said, " There is nothing capricious about nature, that the poison and the antidote always coexist". Believing that whole heartedly, it would have caused me a whole lot of cognitive dissonance, if i didn't at least put it to the truth test. Could i be wrong? ( Possibly), would i regret it?, not at all.

I am trying to keep the focus on healing (solution) rather than on the cancer ( problem). Whatever we focus on expands. It is not easy but, my faith in healing has managed to stay ahead of my fear of the cancer. I am keeping the faith and sticking to the healing activities. I would be happy to share my progress , if anyone is interested. Best wishes and prayers for everyone. God Bless.

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Ask Steve Mc Queen how that worked

Who Steve McQueen the actor who died? What are you suggesting? Why say something unless it is edifying and uplifting? Is that what you are wishing for me?

No I don't wish harm to you but to make my point more clearer I prefer an NCI-designated cancer center over the "natural cure".

As it is with everything in life, people can be down on things that they are up on. Be that as it may, i do keep an open mind.

why do you believe such a " natural cure" will work? Please provide a link to the study?

Welcome to HU and keep us updated. 👍👍

Thanks. Some of the responses were a bit antagonistic. By a certain age our passions should turn into compassion.

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tsim in reply to Properstate

They do have compassion, that's why they're trying to talk you out of this nonsense. Other than the weight loss and better diet of course.

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MrG68 in reply to esperandrich

Well actually with Steve McQueen I believe he didn’t follow the rules. He tried to cheat with all kinds of things he was told not to do. Also, I believe he died from surgery. From what I read a long time ago.

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davenj in reply to esperandrich

Steve McQueen had lung cancer from 30+ years of smoking.

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ParrotX in reply to davenj

I thought it was from asbestos, inhaled when was in the Navy working on the lagging used to insulate pipes.

Very sad. People who try that die at almost 3x the rate of people who use actual science.

Prostate cancer is usually slow growing, so you will live for quite a while even if you don't take those wacky cures. If you want to know how long you have, fill out this nomogram:

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maley2711 in reply to Tall_Allen

Is that the life expectancy nomogram with this link....

As your article states, there is nothing wrong with Complementary Medicine. "The differences in survival were attributable to refusal of conventional treatment." That is no longer Complementary Medicine at that point, but Alternative Medicine. Would love to see a real study that just follows Comp Medicine (those who actually stay in this category) v non-users.

The danger is that people will do less because they think the complementary therapy has got them covered. In that study, they counted people as using "alternative medicine" if they used it instead of standard of care, and "complementary" if they used some untested therapy in addition to at least one conventional cancer treatment modality, defined as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and/or hormone therapy.

What does the phrase "after adjustment" mean in this bullet point: "82% survived for 5 years vs 87% among non-users, and were 2.1 times more likely to die after adjustment."

Adjustment matches the people in the treatment and control groups on sex, age, cancer type, etc. It is a retrospective study.

Unfortunately I can’t provide you with what you seek, a natural cure for cancer. I’m not aware that there is such a thing.

I do wish you the best on the path that you have taken. If for any reason you need to reevaluate your treatment options or embark on a different journey in your cancer quest, there are plenty of people on this site who will happily share the experiences, irrespective of where you’re starting from.

Although prostate cancer is often slow growing and without any symptoms until much later in the disease progression, a Gleason score of 8 or above is a sure sign that the cancer may become very aggressive and become incurable in short order, again without noticeable symptoms.

I would urge you to get a second independent medical opinion whilst you remain on your current course, given your high Gleason score and high PSA. I do hope that the PSMA scan results are those that you wish for. If they’re not, it’s a wise man who changes course when the facts change.

All the best,


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Properstate in reply to Aodh

Thanks, I am keeping an open mind...

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Cateydid in reply to Aodh

Your reply was so kind and validating. Thank you for being so decent while gently encouraging review of a medical protocol.

I found three elements of good in your opening post:

1) Your CRP decline. I don't know what units or measures are in place over there, but at this side of the pond an 8.1 is a sure sign of an impending cardiac infraction.

2) You are scheduled for a PSMA scan, so you will know where you are standing at.

3) You a hard line believer (an evangelist - I could add) on that you are doing something that will prove beneficial. Otherwise, you wouldn't had posted here, a place where the "spirits" are known to be unwelcoming such narratives. This grants you the 10-20% placebo effect probability to prove right.

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Properstate in reply to Justfor_

Thanks for your acknowledgement.

You should be seeking "complimentary" treatments. Treatments that can be used "with" standard order of care. I speak of becoming a vegetarian and using supplements, i.e. vitamin D3. Search for some complimentary treatments here:

Thank for all those resources, very informative indeed.


Dying from prostate cancer is a horrible death I’m told. I wouldn’t know firsthand I followed the science. Just saying.

I had a coworker pass of pca. He waited until he was pissing blood before seeing a doctor. Passed 4 months later in the hospital.

My suggestion is eat healthy veggies, fish, and eat & drink what the naturalists support. But seek NCI recommended treatments. Your being healthy will increase your positive reaction to the NCI treatments. Exercise, get a personal trainer, sleep well, and be positive. Live your life; its the only one you have.

Well said!

I hope your ‘open mind’ will still be open when your natural path monotherapy proves futile. Or I can say ‘if’ it proves futile if that spares your feelings.

Thanks for sharing . I would love to hear of your experiences. I have chosen one of the coventional routes and will also post. all my best for the desired outcome.


If the biopsy was done "blind" then the second one could easily have missed the Gleason 8 spot. Best of luck but listen to tallallen

The biopsy was not done blind, it was a TRUS biopsy merged with the mri image. Please understand that i am not fighting facts here, i am not against science, i understand that much like the conventional treatment, not everyone responds to treatments at either end of the spectrum. I have a PSMA scan scheduled soon, that will tell the story. Please hold out a positive thought for me. Thanks

Nitazoxonide 500 mg 2x 15 days retest PSA . There are antihelmentics,

Fenbendazole was also cytotoxic against paclitaxel-resistant prostate cancer,

Repurposing of Antimicrobial Agents for Cancer Therapy: What Do We Know?

To believe a "Natural" treatment alone will cure Prostate is probably wishful thinking based on the study Tall_Allen noted where those who sought this type of treatment only died at 3x the rate of those who sought conventional treatment. However, some of the results of the course you are following are positive for general health including; weight loss, waist size reduction & C-Reactive Protein reduction. Based on the Tall_Allen reference, I would encourage you to seek conventional treatment which is study proven to improve outcome AND, with the consent of a Medical Oncologist, consider supplementing this conventional treatment with your current regimen. Unfortunately, in the face of the data Tall_Allen noted, there does not seem to be convincing scientific evidence the regimen you are currently on, by itself, will work especially when looked at long term. The choice, of course, is yours.

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Properstate in reply to rscic

Thanks for your response.

I believe that many here wish and would be interested in a proven non toxic natural treatment option, but it just doesn't exist.

I hope you do well on what you are doing to fight this beast. The mind can be very powerful. But, I also hope you consider widely studied and accepted standard of care options before you reach the point of no return.

I am keeping an open mind.

Nitazoxonide 1000mg daily for a month

I totally understand where you are coming from, and I think you stated it very well. It's your life and you have the choice to treat your health the way you feel is best. And if you find what you're doing isn't working you can always start treatments at a later time. Best case, you avoid all the nasty side effects as long as you can, worse case you loose some time that you might have had.

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Properstate in reply to Union98


I think that few to none of us wish you ill. Please keep us posted with your progress. My opinion: death is the only "natural cure" of prostate cancer.


I would ask the clinic for evidence that this approach has worked for other men in similar situations (Gleason 6 doesn't count).

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Properstate in reply to davenj


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Bigm789 in reply to davenj

Nitazoxonide 1000mg daily 1mo

I also tried a natural route but like you only got a small drop in PSA. That is a lot of sacrifice and money for very little honey. I went the conventional route with a RP and still do some supplements with diet changes but they alone are not the answer for me. Good Luck.

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Properstate in reply to rocket09

Thanks, i am open to all solutions.

I have used diet to control my PSA for nine years. I keep my PSA low and steady. A non-detectable PSA is of no interest to me - - as I believe that it can encourage mutations that may not be responsive to the diet.

Having my prostate removed has allowed me to develop this diet. If you tightly control your meals, any single change can be evaluated as to its impact on PSA. This way, you can rule in or out various food options and preparation techniques. The ultra-sensitive PSA test is a very powerful tool that has allowed me to put together a diet that slows PSA growth. After about 5 years I could stop PSA growth altogether. At year six, I could reverse PSA, which I did by 70% at which point I went for stability.

I'm not impressed with the Gerson diet. For breakfast, they recommend:

"a bowl of oatmeal with half of a sliced apple and 1 teaspoon (15 ml) of honey:

8 ounces (240 ml) of fresh-squeezed orange juice"

Control of the insulin response to breakfast is essential to a working diet. I have oatmeal as well. I use "steelcut" oatmeal. If I presoak it, cook it with too much water, or have it with too much milk - - the diet does not work. I have it with lots of walnuts and about 6 raspberries and no milk. If I remove the raspberries, the diet slowly degrades to nonworking. Honey and orange juice would likely be diet killers for me. Any fruit juice in the morning would likely kill my diet.

They exclude "soy beans and soy products". I removed soy - - and my diet stopped working. They exclude nuts, seeds, avocado, berries, hot pepper, black pepper, . . . all of which I use and have excellent results.

The Gerson diet has been around for 100 years, they should have evidence for each of their dietary suggestions, I see none.


Welcome, Properstate. Can you post your results every time you get your PSA tested so we can see how you're doing with your regime going forward?

Out of curiosity, years ago I opened a file for a couple men who said at diagnosis that they would not get any treatment whatsoever. In the same file, I added a couple others who were planning entirely alternative treatments. Every now and then I check the file. Radio silence. None of these men ever reported back on how they were doing.

About a month ago, someone was looking for examples of men who refused treatment at dx or went entirely "au naturel," but there were no examples of people who had done so and were still posting. (Correct me if I'm wrong, HU fellas.) Other men who initially refused treatment or went entirely the "natural route" at first eventually decided to add more standard medical treatment. It would be interesting to track a few men on HU over time who are doing what you're doing just to see how it goes. So I welcome your input going forward.

All that said, serious dietary and exercise changes can really help strengthen anyone's physical health to improve quality of life and withstand standard treatment.

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Properstate in reply to spouse21

I am scheduling a psma scan and depending on the results, i will take the next step. Yes, i will post my results. I am a brutally honest person. Thanks

You might want to check out Dr. Forsythe in Reno, Nevada. Forsythe Cancer Care Center. I have a friend currently being treated by him and know of several others. He seems to use kind of a combo of natural and medical treatments. Very different than traditional medicine. Everyone I know of has had excellent results. Definitely worth looking in to. If we had known of him 8 years ago when my husband was treated for prostate cancer we would have gone to him. All the best to you! When it comes to this horrible disease each individual has to follow the treatment plan that they feel best about.

Thanks, I will call him.

Stressbaker, from the Forsythe website:

"The use of minerals is necessary. The delivery of substances like zinc, magnesium and iron to fortify the body’s continual war against disease and infection needs to be part of the patient treatment plan."

Do you know, or can you find out if iron supplements are used? If so, I think it is a cause of concern. In my experience, taking an iron supplement is the single worst thing you can do for prostate cancer. Even heme iron sources (meat, shell fish) feed my cancer. Non-heme iron foods have not been a problem.

I do not know. We have not seen him. Only other people we know who have had great results. Just throwing it out there as another option to look into for someone who does not want traditional treatment.

Thanks, i will contact them.

You didn't mention your PSA when you were diagnosed. That would be a useful marker. I somewhat 'bucked the system' after I was diagnosed with Gleason 8 in one core. 2 were 7's and 2 6's. One side of prostate only and palpable with a DRE. After TURP (roto-rooter) surgery 10 years prior I was judged to be a poor candidate for RP surgery. I was directed towards external beam radiation. After researching that I chose to go out of pocket and out of state to get HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) full-gland ablation surgery instead. That was almost six years ago. No quality of life penalties incurred and I'm doing fine. We here on this site are suspicious of Gerson and other unproven treatments, hence the antagonism you've encountered. It's not personal. We want you to get proper, real medical treatment. Do your research and keep an open mind. It is good that you've found this site.

My psa was 14.4 in April 2021 when i was first diagnosed. PSMA scan is next and i will decide on the course of action, I have not closed any doors. Thanks

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KocoPr in reply to Properstate

I tried several natural pathways like Naturopathic doctor who is very knowledgeable in Cancers, joe Tippens protocol and COC protocol. I tried keto for 6 months twice, i have my own Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, but nothing eliminated my cancer and I really don’t know if it slowed it down or not.Just my n=1 experience.

That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to pursue natural means as I have been an herbalist and wild harvester for decades.

I myself am getting ready to do ADT+ abiraterone like drug, and seriously thinking chemo. See ARASENS trial

Cancer is the beast on the block that can question your methods and beliefs.

I would suggest complementary medicine. The more things you throw at it the better, from my short 9 year experience cancer.

Wish you the best and keep positive and keep fighting!

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Properstate in reply to KocoPr

Depending on the results of my PSMA, i may opt for HD or LD Brachytherapy. Thanks

There is no "natural cure" for PCa. On the other hand, there is no pharmaceuticle "cure" for advanced PCa.

And so we are left with "management" of a chronic condition. IMO, the survival statistics for advanced PCa are so grim, I have nothing but admiration for the stoics who do not look beyond SOC.

Many of us use a complementary approach which involves supplements & repurposed drugs. I have posts for many of these things. After 6 years, there are a lot of posts, so I can't summarize.

Best, -Patrick

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Bigm789 in reply to pjoshea13

Nitazoxonide 1000mg daily 1 mo

Keep an open mind, open wallet, open mouth, and I do hope your Pca goes into remission. As far as a cure goes, I wouldn't bet on it. Remember those little bastards that we all have, well they are great swimmers and love to swim in your blood stream. I must admit I am a pessimist but being an optimist means absolutely nothing. What you need is laughter and to live your life every day......Greetings BTW.....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 05/18/2022 8:13 PM DST

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Properstate in reply to j-o-h-n


You say: "After much reading I opted to go the natural healing route; I spent two weeks in Baja Mexico doing modified Gerson Therapy. " but then do not explain the advantage your choice of treatment offers over conventional treatment.

Based on your experience during the last several months of alternate treatment - it appears you have chosen a healthy life style which, resulted in many beneficial changes to your physical self. That is positive and can be nothing but helpful in your struggle with Prostate Cancer.

Again - what are you trying to avoid by choosing therapy with no scientifically proven efficacious results?

You seem to have read a lot about conventional treatment - what do you tell a person like me who, at age 71, had a radical RP 4-years ago and now reports NO adverse side effects of any kind? My life during the last two years has been unchanged, and unaffected by, what appears to be 100% effective conventional therapy?

Why would I risk my 100% recovery with your choice?

I am not suggesting that you should choose what i chose. I am just trying to make sure that the conventional treatment is absolutely warranted. Thanks

If you are having the PSMA scan, you should really explore all your medical options that have scientific data to back it.

Wishing you all the best


I thought lowering psa to undetectable is the objective of treatments.....doesnt seem like thats your case.....kkinda hanging yourself with a long rope....also lowering t is a goal ...its a proven pc likes t.....good luck.....

I applaud you sir, for your diligent effort to do good things for yourself.I too am 70 years of age and was diagnosed with malignant aggressive prostate cancer in 2017. Biopsy revealed 10 samples of Gleason 9 with a PSA of 18. I went through 9 weeks of external radiation therapy coupled with Firmagon injections that was changed over to Lupron. I gave the Lupron a six month break and the PSA level escalated from less than 1.0 to a bit over 9.0. I went back on Lupron and PSA dropped back to 2.9. I also included about an eighty percent plant based diet, getting recipes from a book written by a cancer survivor, to bolster my immune system, and incorporated an exercise routine. To date the PSA level has remained relatively stable. Of coarse taking the road less traveled has its risks to sure, but its a choice that fits for me. Your post inspired me. Thank you.

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Properstate in reply to cedaral

Thank you. Good Luck to you.

I hope your decisions find the desired result. I have little doubt that life changes, i.e dietary and exercise, can lower PSA. Doing so after my test came back PSA 156 dropped mine to 90 prior to my start of treatments. Some of us, especially with lower Gleason scores have a less aggressive slow growing cancer. Others aren't so lucky as the many men we have seen come and go on this forum attest to. I chose the SOC route but have kept the changes I implemented early in my diagnosis. I am currently off all treatments and last PSA was .06. Clearly the treatment I chose, 2 years ADT and IMRT did a good job of knocking the cancer down. This July is 3 years post dx and I plan to ride 50 miles on my bike today. Now I am hoping it stays down for a very long time. I have no doubt if there was a natural cure it would be called a treatment now. I wish you the best with your choice because in the end it is your choice and all of the points you made are relevant. Your choice to have a scan is wise IMO and I hope it assists in your decision on how to proceed from here.

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Properstate in reply to treedown


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