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Formalin Treatment for Radiation Proctitis

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Anyone know of side effects for Formalin treatment for chronic radiation proctitis (severe rectal bleeding). Tried APC, various suppositories, 40 HBOT treatments. All unsuccessful.

Went to Mayo Clinic, Rochester where Formalin treatment was used successfully. It’s been 9 days and no bleeding. Have to wonder why my Drs in Florida never mentioned Formalin as a treatment.

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I had it for internal hemorrhoids. Worked great!

Thanks TA. I’m very optimistic.

Hey BadNews4me,

I mixed many formalin solutions when I embalmed bodies. Very carcinogenic! Makes strong bonds with protein tissue and provides excellent preservation. Also used when I worked in specialty chemical manufacturing. The MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet, was quite explicit.

I read in a 2007 guv acronym post that a 2% solution is used which is weak. It is supposed to be effective and safe according to this below--dated 2015--the fresher the better applies to guv acronym posts as well as bread and milk. Copy all between the lines. Rest easy.


Formalin therapy for hemorrhagic radiation proctitis



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BadNews4me in reply to Currumpaw

Currumpaw, thanks for your reply. I’ve had one applications at 5% strength 12 days ago and no bleeding since🙏Back in 4 weeks for possible 2nd application. Stay well and never stop fighting.

Did you try argon plasma coagulation?

Worked for me (and many others).

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BadNews4me in reply to NotDFL

Not DFL, yes tried APC but didn’t work. Mayo tried as well but unsuccessful so they did the Formalin treatment. Fingers crossed it’s been 14 days and no bleeding.

That sounds hopeful; may this condition continue

May the BadNews4me be the GoodNews4you....

God Bless all of our Military Veterans.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 11/11/2021 7:20 PM EST

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BadNews4me in reply to j-o-h-n

Thanks J-H-O-N,

What exactly is formalin treatment. I’m heading to Houston in early dec and scheduled for a look see before treatment for the same reason. My bleeding happens from hard stool or even just gas.

Should have kept reading. Sounds good. Hope it works. Actually I could pretty much deal with it by watching my diet but the things that cause gas are good for you. Doing it now so if I happen to make another 20 years I won’t have to deal with it then.

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BadNews4me in reply to carlo8686

carlo8686, many treatment options available. Formalin used after front line treatments have failed. If you can control with diet and stool softeners do so.

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carlo8686 in reply to BadNews4me

Thanks. How was the APC procedure? That’s what they are indicating. They have not looked yet. Why did it fail?

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BadNews4me in reply to carlo8686

carlo8686, in my case APC was administered via colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. Both treatments failed. Why? I’m just in that 5% group that doesn’t respond to treatment. Most others have a very successful outcome. Might need to repeat 3-4(?) times. Number of treatments differ with each individual. Good luck going forward and again if you can control with diet that would be my 1st choice.

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carlo8686 in reply to BadNews4me

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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