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Low T after one year off ADT/ Radiation. Undescended testicles at birth. Psa undetectable

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I have been off ADT for one year. My 3+4 gleason score Pca was treated with 44 radiation treatments and lupron. My T has gone from 5 to 30 in 6 months. My uro will not give T supplementation ok as yet. My endocrinologist says I have had hypogonadism since undescended testicles operation at 10 ( I am now 75).I had had chronic lowT probably lifelong. .15 years ago I tried T injections but they raised my psa to over 4 which prompted a biopsy and score of 3+3. That score changed a bout ayear ago to 3+4. Since then I have had sife effects galore from ADT/ Radiation of course. Sarcopenia hot flashes, no libido or energy ,depression, Shrinkage etc. I have tried to communicate all this to my mo and uro but they dont seem to even consider T treatments. My question is: am I crazy to think I should have the T treaments? My psa has been undetectable so far.

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I don't understand why you had ADT in the first place - seems like overtreatment.

T replacement therapy (TRT) has been used in some men after successful RT. You can discuss these studies with your doctor:



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Thanks I will. It seems I had a " cookie cutter" approach. Wish I knew then what I know now from this forum.

You may have to get a new doctor, but you will definitely find one who will administer TRT. If my T hadn't recovered after ADT, I would have had TRT in a heartbeat.


I have extreme low T and wonder the same about supplements. My PSA is 0.005. My energy is a bit low but no issues in achieving wood.

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Good for you! I'm still shrinking after a year like 1/2 size and on cialis daily with mediocre results

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