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Would you do 400 Kegels a day?

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Probably not 400. I do 50 when I get up in the morning. Sitting on side of the bed. I would say 400 is overdoing it. 50 Works well for me. Good stream , no leaking. Glut exercises back and leg stretches before even getting out of bed(firm mattress).

My own experience began with Kegel training by a pelvic specialist PT and perhaps 20-30 per day for the first few weeks. After about my surgeon released me to go back to skiing (2 months post surgery) I began to do about 350-400/5 second Kegels per day for about 3 months. For me, this was part of my return to skiing (I got in 65 days). Riding a chairlift solo, I would do Kegel exercises while passing empty chairs, alternating on and off, as each empty chair passed going down. Within 3 weeks I was able to ski without significant leaking - except one poor landing (fall) off a small cliff and once picking up my wife out of the snow from her only big fall - and by 6 weeks I'd stopped using any sort of urinary protection. My only subsequent issue was riding my bike down some very challenging rocky single track about 5 months post-op. I learned quickly that there are times when I should Kegel while riding (and I haven't tried jumping jacks at all.)

Since then, no control issues. So, yeah 350-400/day seemed to work for me.