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Hi all , I’m home and resting up with my catheter, I’m eating and sleeping good but the only issue I have at the moment is when I need to go to toilet for a pooh, I’m getting blood pass outside the tube that is inserted in my penis, it’s very painful when I try to go, I’m thinking of asking it I should maybe take a laxative to help, otherwise I’m doing good, fragmin injection every day and I’m just counting down the days,

Regards Pete xxx

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stool softener, not a laxative.

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ukpete in reply to Tall_Allen

Like milf of magnesia?

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ukpete in reply to ukpete

Sorry predictive text “milk”😂

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Tall_Allen in reply to ukpete

Definitely NOT. Like Docusate.

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ukpete in reply to Tall_Allen

Sorry, I’ll give my nurse a call tomorrow

Dulcosoft liquid or Dulcoease gel capsules from BOOTS, though calling your nurse first is probably best. Get well soon


Don't be shy calling the nurse. That is what they are there for and there will be a few things which are just odd which they don't mention in the pamphlets. Go easy on solid food. It takes the digestive track a little time to wake up from the anesthesia. An the catheter... oh it is just odd but again if it hurts very much or there is much blood ask the nurse. Its probably fine. Oh, and as several physician friends told me, take your meds. there is no reason to be in excess pain.

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Hi, I’ve had a couple of bad days, this morning I was dreading even attempting going to the toilet, I called my nurse and had a good chat, obviously the constipation is a concern, I seem to be doing everything else right, the wife has gone to get me some dulcosoft or whatever the pharmacist recommends and then hey presto I managed to go to toilet on my own!!! What a relief,I’ve been washed & shaved and changed my dressings, so I’m feeling a lot more positive,

Small steps for some but for me at this moment giant strides

Regards Pete x

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CHPA in reply to ukpete

Excellent. As you might expect, once you get the catheter out you will feel a million times better. My wife and I went for a nice chat i a local garden that day. It is painless when removed. And of course everyone recovers on their own schedule but in a couple of months your bladder will hopefully be back to normal. At the two year point I'm as good as a 16 year old and can drive for hours without stopping.

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Thank you, I really needed to hear that, just woke up feeling sore, not been feeling good the past couple of days, I’ve certainly been given plenty of encouragement but to read your comment means a lot,Pete x

I was instructed to take a laxative so I would not need to strain because it can cause bleeding. Also, get suppositories so you don't get the cramping; I found that they work faster.

I had the blood outside the catheter as well. To understand the mechanics of it, the catheter end is an inflated balloon that seals perimetricaly with the bladder. The blood you are seeing originated from belllow that seal and is drained by the normal urinary track. It is a 100% certain that your anastomosis is the origin of this blood. According to my surgeon this is not a bad thing by its own. New tissue will eventually be created to stop the leakage and the presence of red blood rules out septic conditions. As I advised you before do NOT remove the catheter prematurely and definitely NOT while blood is present outside of it. To give you a ballpark,I removed mine 10 to 15 days after that blood leakage had completely siezed.

I had to look up Fragmin. It is a blood thinner to prevent clotting/VTE w Cancer patients. Your blood is thin. Softener should do it. Crawl before u walk before u run !

Heal well,


My urologist had his own printout that had me take a stool softener (Docusate sodium 100 mg) twice a day for 60 days which I continue to take and MiraLax (generic store brand) for 7 days (my sister takes it in her coffee).

Don't know if you're taking anything for pain--opioids are definitely constipating. My doc wanted me to avoid NSAIDS, presumably because there's at least a theoretical chance of bleeding. But sure--if you're bearing down and they went through the abdominal wall it's going to hurt.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to dentaltwin

I think you got it now from the replies and from your nurse but STOOL SOFTENER should be used.Stool softener will as its name implies soften the stool so that you can have your bowel movement with minimal strain.

NO, NO to a laxative. A laxative will induce the intestines into contracting and convulsing but do nothing to work on that piece of cement lodged in your intestines so with a laxative you get a violent reaction which tries to expel that solid fecal impaction ripping thru your rectum. After all those laxative induced cramps you may still have not expelled the fecal impaction anyway.

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ukpete in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Yes stool softener it is, I actually went this morning but the slightest strain causes blood to pass the catheter pipe and it’s rather painful, everyday is a step nearer xxx

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to ukpete

I hope you get relief soon. For guys like me the good news is we didn't have to go thru surgery or radiation, catheters and the like. The bad news is we have full blown metastasized PC at DX. lol.

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to dentaltwin

Luckily ukpete knew I was responding to him. Hopefully no confusion for you as I accidently responded to your reply. Ha.

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dentaltwin in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Yeah, I figured that out! ;-)

Unfortunately, that blood flow is not that unusual, especially since you are taking fragmin. The blood from around the catheter is quite shocking, no one told me to expect that, all worked out OK in a few days.

HiFellow UK based passenger on this trip. Had my RP in March 2015 and still undetectable.... 😃 . One bit of advice I would pass on is to get a second opinion on your pathology report, particularly if it worse than you may be expecting as mine was. If you have to make decisions on possible follow up treatment it is well worth having the report validated. I always wondered if I really need the aRT promoted as a best course for me based on my path. report. Good luck with your recovery and dont neglect your penile rehab programme, something else I wasn't too well advised on.

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