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Pfizer vs Moderna

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I'm leaning towards Pfizer, what are your thoughts?


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Eileen Pfizer...nice lady

I have numerous conditions , and had both Pfizer shots with absolutely no side effects whatsoever. All Best Wishes!, judg69

I don't think the data is in on the comparative performance of these two.

Given that unknown, either is good.

Moderna for slightly higher protection, but with slightly more risk of SE’s, the most notable— myocarditis. By volume, Moderna is 3x that of Pfizer, and a lot of people get a sore arm with Moderna.

My wife and I had both Moderna shots as soon as they became available, starting in January. I am 77. She is 66. Other than a little shoulder pain for a day or so, neither of us have experienced any known side or after affects, Ocman.

Thanks all, went with the Pfizer vaccine.

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Anomalous in reply to ocman

FDA approved, makes sense. One the other hand, many still get the virus even after the vaccine. my son in law has it right now. he took Moderna though

I received the Moderna vaccine. Statistics seem to show that its effectiveness lasts longer than the Pfizer vaccine.

The Canadian advice has been pretty consistent:

. . . Get whichever vaccine is available to you first.

Since you've already picked one, and taken it, you made the right choice.

. Charles

Will be going with J&J.

Not to be a scold or anything but that is the one I definitely did NOT want.

J&J uses an inactivated cold virus to carry genetic material, a more common method of creation for a vaccine. mRNA is cutting edge (also known as‘bleeding edge’) technology. Moderna describes theirs as ‘pioneering a class of medicines based on messenger RNA (mRNA).Thalidomide was approved and widely used. So was Vioxx. I prefer a bit more history for things I put in my body.

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