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Should I see my urologist?

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Hi everyone. I posted a couple of years ago. I really appreciated all of your help at that time. In the last couple of days I’ve been experiencing a weak urine flow and some trouble getting started. Prior thereto, I was sick for three days and basically just sat all day on each of those days. My issues started on the first day that I started moving around again. My PSA history is as follows. 9/19: 9.5; 10/19: 6.0; and 7/31/20: 2.1. I also took the 4K test in 7/20; it returned a low risk result. Also on occasion, I feel a momentary sharp pain on the right side of my low back when I begin urinating. As I said, it doesn’t happen all the time. And it’s only when my bladder is not full. My question is whether I should go back to my urologist. I’m a little freaked out. I am 59. Thanks for help.

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You might have prostatitis (which is what your PSA history suggests). Unfortunately, there's little they can do for it, except treat the symptoms. Antibiotics don't work. Fortunately, it typically remits on its own. By all means, see a urologist about it.

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I recommend seeing a urologist. In addition to prostatitis, he or she can check for a urinary tract infection, a kidney stone, and possible other causes of your pain. It may be something that is easy to treat. I would think that cancer is an unlikely cause of the pain.

As with all other medical visits, see if you can find a urologist who is good and that other people have thought was helpful. Of the four urologists I've seen in my life, two were very good, one seemed sincere but ignorant, and one looked totally bored as I explained my symptoms and then he told me that he couldn't do anything.

Could be BPH. Weak flow is often a symptom. You are at that age. Certainly no harm in getting things checked by a urologist

BPH is uncomfortable and a pain for sure, but based on the information you’ve provided, it sounds like a solvable problem for a good urologist. You can DM me directly if you like.

Thanks, fellas. I appreciate your valuable insight. Things were better yesterday so I’m going to give it a couple of days. Hopefully, it’s a transitory thing.

Sounds much like my experiences. I've got a history of BPH (30yrs) stemming from a couple UTIs over the years. Fortunately I have no pain related the condition, just progressively gets harder (slower) to urinate. My PSA has gone as high as 4.1, where the urologist wanted to do a biopsy, which I declined. A year later the PSA value went down to 2.7. - urologist still wants to do the biopsy. I too sometimes get a sharp pain in my right anterior side when urinating. A CAT scan done a couple years ago found nothing and a recent ultrasound done by the urologist staff found my kidneys, ureters and bladder clear of stones.

Best wishes with your concerns!

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DadofOne in reply to rlafford

Thanks, rlafford. I appreciate your response. Do you find that your urinary issues occur primarily in the middle of the night and morning? I have trouble at those times but seem to be ok for the rest of the day.

No. I have no problems with urine retention and seldom get up at night. Problem is mostly difficulty starting and weak stream.

No one mentioned Tamsulosin (aka: FlowMax). My GP said w weak flow being common in many many men late 50’s and older. It is effective. Not expensive. I take at night to avoid any symptoms. Works in most cases. Ask your GP or URO. Mike

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Also back pressure can cause pain in the kidneys. You want to open up the pipe. Mike

Thanks, Mike. I’ll check it out.

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