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Updated PSA


So had PSA test at UCSF yesterday. This makes 7 months since treatment. PSA 0.740 Dr said since I’m below 1 I can start doing 6 month PSA follow ups, this sound right?

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Whatever makes you comfortable. I did every 3 months for a year, then every 6 months the next year, then just annually.

45RPM in reply to Tall_Allen

TA are there any data on PSA evolution post sbrt across a large set of men? Wonder what the average, and variance over time looks like

Tall_Allen in reply to 45RPM

It is incredibly variable across individuals, with lots of bounces along the way. Usually, the biggest drop is the first one, and slower, more gradual from there on. But even that can vary. It is an exercise in patience.


45RPM in reply to Tall_Allen

Ok thank you so much TA

Yup, my Doc said get a PSA test every 3 or 6 months. I'm going every 3 months and now just had my 3rd test and results were excellent. I too will probably drop back to every six months sometime. My older brother just passed his 9th year of PSA testing and the Doc said he could stop now LOL.

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