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Can PC affect T-levels


Current age 71, RP in the summer of 2012 (4+3 , PSA 7, confined) , SRT mono summer of 2018 @ PSA .22 , PSA nadir reached at 11 mo. post treatment of .05 currently at .07. So things could be A LOT worse and I'm very grateful. My total T was 318.., 9mos before SRT, 242... 6 mos after SRT and now has leveled off at ~ 520ish. I know the relationship between PC and T is debated constantly but my question is can PC actually lower you T levels ?

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No. But RT sometimes does temporarily:

fourputt in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you. There are always so many "moving parts" with this disease...keeps you on your toes. Add my name to the long list of of folks who are very grateful for what you do here. Thanks again

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