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Ejaculation before psa test.


Quick question. Is four days enough time to wait after ejaculation before a psa test?


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yes , also anything that woud effect the prostate, such as riding in car a long distance on bikcycle

Ejaculation causes a significant increase in the serum PSA concentration in men between 49 and 79 years of age that may persist for up to 48 hours. This change appears to correlate with age and baseline PSA. It is recommended that men abstain from ejaculation for 48 hours prior to having a serum PSA determination.

2 days is enough

Thanks. Hoping for a further drop. Since rt they have been 3.1, 2.9, 2.7 and 1.5. Rt (without hormone treatment) was 26 months ago. I get very anxious about all blood tests!

rscic in reply to Thetoad

PSA generally declining over 26 mo. ...... I would feel pretty good about this.

With respect to your blood test nervousness, I suggest you focus on what you want out of life ..... get a goal or focus on one you already have. Get your tests but, as my Mother used to say, "Don't borrow trouble." In other words, don't focus on the presence of trouble until there is trouble.

We are ALL here for a limited time. It makes sense to try to achieve those things you want out of life rather than focusing on when it will end ..... it will end, this is a given. What do you want your life to mean? Every life is a story, your beginning & middle (from an age perspective) already have several chapters written. How do you want the rest of your story to read???

Have the right experts lined up for the eventuality of your health deteriorating (it will eventually deteriorate, Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, etc.) then leave the details to them & follow instructions (diet, exercise, medication, etc.).

Just some thoughts .... GOOD LUCK

groundswell in reply to rscic

much wisdom in your post. Many things will effect psa, and even different labs might have an effect I have been on a campaign to get us focused on psa density. PSA alone is not that helpful. I am a cofounder of Active Surveillance patients international and that issue is one we are trying to elevate. visit us at as patients.org

rscic in reply to groundswell

Sounds like you have a goal!!!

Thank you all. Good news, PSA result just phoned through at 0.83! Must be close to the nadir maybe. Next one in September, or March 2022 if permissible. Thanks again.

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