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Exercise after Implant surgery


Has anyone had penile implant surgery, and have any advice on when one can return to exercising?

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Are you definitely going for the implant? If so, I say HUZZAH to you, sir. Part of me almost wishes everything erectile crashes and burns, so that I could acquire the ability to fuck my partner when I want, and for however long I want.

The only drawback is, of course, you forever give up the ability to have a natural erection. But hell, that's already seemingly almost the case, isn't it?

Go for it, and if it's working well, please help Vitruviusman make up his mind to get one, too.

He's interested, but nervous about it. In his confiding with us, he has shared with honesty and sorrow how he's suffered with loneliness and rejection for a number of years because of the severe ED from an RP that turned out badly. The gay community can be very cruel to PC survivors, as we well know in hearing from others here who've had similar rejections because of loss of ejaculate and the ED.

And I think, based on what Vman has told the group, that he's overly influenced by two friends of his who have had bad experiences with their implants.

The vast majority of men are freaking delighted with them, and ditto for their partners!

I wish you well, sir, on your journey into the ultimate solution for ED. You've been through such a lot, and have shared your experiences with us all the way through with candor, intelligence, honesty and good humor.

Keep up the good work, dude! I would think, btw, that after a given healing period, almost any exercise you'd normally engage in would be fine. But check on that to make sure.

Good luck and I'm sure you will keep us posted.

Thanks H, I have a surgery scheduled for next month. But I wake up everyday rethinking the decision and choosing to go ahead. It will be 2 years from the time I discovered an unusually high PSA, so i am ready to move on from this chapter. On another note, my heart goes out to Vman. I can certainly empathize with his fear of surgery and of relations. However, my experience throughout this experience has been good. My partner And i are determined to keep sex as a big part of our relationship. I am a top and this experience was a big blow to my sexual identity and ego, but through tears and patience we have kept our sexual relations alive. I constantly pray for acceptance in this journey, and I try to keep gratitude on the forefront.

And thank you H for your encouraging words.

Big virtual hug bro!

Thx so much! Appreciate your kindness, and kudos for being determined to keep that top-man libido going and going and going...

I am newly gay, having been absent from the fold for 40 yrs, and have found the most wonderful man I could have hoped for.

To be continued!...

Had mine 2 years ago - if I remember correctly it was after my wife took stitches out I started gentle elliptical ? It was uncomfortable for a little bit but not bad

Hi R, thanks for reply. Any tips on getting through healing period?

My doc had me soak in bath 2 x a day for 1/2 hr - that helped - the surgery it self is not bad at all - a little uncomfortable first 24 hrs - but they had me inflate 2x a day for 30 min starting 3 days after - tub helped but after 15 min it was pretty tender (I had some scarring so might be reason it was so bad) for several weeks - all good now

Thanks for sharing your experience RC, it helps with the anxiety Im having thinking about all this

I don’t think you should have any anxiety - best decision ever!

Frankly, thst decision should be left to a conversation between you and your surgeon. He will know from experience, which device he ended up implanting, and which method he used ( there are several methods/techniques). Trust me in this....you do not want to go through a "re-do".

Thanks Tin, I totally get that. I am more interested in people’s experiences who went through and started back on a fitness program.

Okay. Misunderstood your question. I started back in gym (Machine and free weights in about 6-7 weeks after my implant in, 4/2009. I initially resumed machine routines gradually transitioning into free weights. Never had any difficulties and still workout 2-3 times week.

Thanks Tun, I definitely do not want to go through a redo! Did you have surgery or know someone who did. I am totally proceeding with caution. Lastly, I always communicate extensively with my doctors. I was just reaching out for some first hand knowledge from those who went through or knew someone.

Thanks again

You must have a truly wonderful partner! Best wishes to you both.

Best of luck to you. I will be looking forward to hearing how you get on.

Make it so, #1!

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