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Early side effects of docetaxel


Hi All,

I'm writing for some advice regarding the early side effects of docetaxel. Mt partner started docetaxel on Monday (having 6 sessions, once every 3 weeks finishing 30 December!) He is having this as a precaution as only mets were in lymph nodes near prostate and that was taken out but as Gleeson 8 they thought lets do the docetaxel also as young and very fit.

Anyway, he just finished Radio 7 weeks ago and is on ADT with ALL those hot flushes - he now understands my menopause. So, he thought he wouldn't get many side effects until maybe the 2nd or 3rd dose. He is in significant pain all over his body - not just the joints, but the muscles also. He has trouble walking to the toilet in the early hours this morning (we are in Australia so different time zone) as his legs were very painful.

Has anyone experienced this so early in their treatment and if so, what did you do to help the pain. He has taken some paracetamol but can't handle hot packs as is hot and sweating from the ADL treatment already.

I'm worried he will pull the plug if the pain is so bad so soon.

Many thanks for your replies.


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Is he taking an antihistamine before his infusions?

Don't know. He is taking something - I will check what it is when I get home tonight. Thanks.

He has been taking dexamethasone.

Talk to his oncologist about taking an antihistamine.

Sea5 in reply to Tall_Allen

My dad is going to start docetaxel this week....just learned this. Could you tell me how antihistamines are helpful with the treatment? And am I remembering that Neulasta is important? Please forgive me if I’m mixing stuff up. Also I recall your saying that doing Provenge along with the chemo had a synergistic effect?

Tall_Allen in reply to Sea5

Antihistamines prevent systemic hypersensitivity reactions:


Neulasta prevents depletion of a kind of white blood cells. Such depletion can leave a person open to life-threatening infections. The coricosteroids make one more comfortable, but depress immune response.

I'm hopeful that there is a synergistic effect with Provenge - it is similar in some ways to Neulasta. Also, I hope that the dead cancer cells from the chemo may help activate an immune response helped by the Provenge. I can't yet prove this, it just seems reasonable.

Sea5 in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you!

Many thanks. Will discuss with Oncologist.

cesanon in reply to Tall_Allen

"Neulasta prevents depletion of a kind of white blood cells."

Which kind of white cells does it prevent the depletion of? It is of interest to me because I already have already start with severely depleted CD5 T cells.


Tall_Allen in reply to cesanon


consider getting ice gloves and booties during the infusion. this will reduce the flow of the poison to the nerves of hands and feet. I use the word "poison" not ironically. Chemotherapy meds are is poisonous to the entire body, not just to the cancer.

a little ouzo and metaxa........ Me gia...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 09/30/2019 5:22 PM DST

I just did my 3rd infusion of Docetaxel last Wed. I understand everyone reacts differently but the following are what I had done. - Very light meals before, during and after. -Drink a lot of fluids, -Cold pack for both hands and legs, -'chew' on ice cubes during infusion.- Do stretching exercises, walk, do some light weight even when you dont feel like doing it. Dont spend all the time in bed or couch. Get out and get some sun and exercises.

For me Day 4 or 5 after infusion are rough but you learn to manage it. And prayers and faith in the LORD helps tremendously too. God bless

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