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SBRT has excellent outcomes for intermediate risk patients

This is the 7- year update of the consortium study on 2,142 low and intermediate risk patients treated with SBRT (external beam radiation in 5 treatments). We EXPECT all therapies to work well on low risk patients, but the real benefit is for intermediate risk patients who are not candidates for active surveillance. The side effects are very low too (which I can personally attest to). Unfortunately they didn't have erectile function data from all the consortium sites, but SBRT boasts among the highest rates of potency preservation of any therapy.

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Hi, I've just joined Healthunlocked and see your name comes up quite a lot. Are you a doctor?


No. I'm a patient advocate who believes in patient empowerment and shared decision making.


Sounds great, how and where do you do that?


I did it in L.A. - from the man who pioneered its use for prostate cancer. Where are you located?


I'm in Odessa at the moment.

What does patient advocacy involve exactly?

Does it involve some training?


I don’t know if it’s available in Odessa, but brachytherapy, IMRT, and surgery probably are. What is your diagnosis?


He is not a Doctor, but Tall Allen is in some ways better, because he is not held captive by established protocols and he spends the time to keep up with research. Time that most practicing Docs don't do. And don't need to do because all they need to do is to follow established protocols until someone changes those protocols for them.


Good morning. That's excellent.

I was just wondering what a patient advocate does and how they do it.

And where? How would I find one in Odessa?


You may need to start your own group in Odessa. Ustoo would be pleased to help you.

You can start simply by finding a place to meet (often at a hospital) and inviting docs to come and speak once a month.


Gee, I'm getting confused now, I was asking Tall_Allen about what a patient advocate is, cos he said he was. Up pops you. and now I need to set up a group?

Are you a patient advocate too?


Nope, I have just been informed around a while.

There are also phone based support groups that are US based that you can participate in.

But there is no substitute for a local group where you can ask docs to come and speak.


Sorry, I haven't got used to this site, I ask one person a question, but don't get an answer to that question. Then someone else pops up and gives me an answer to a question I haven't asked.

Nothing personal. Have I got something wrong?

I suffer from Aspergers, misunderstandings are an anathema to me.


That's sort of how it works.

You can choose to private message someone here, but then others do not benefit from the answer.

And in tall Allen's case, it would be wasting a valuable asset of this forum, in my opinion at least


I endorse everything cesanon wrote. I have no idea what resources are available to you in Ukraine.


OK sorry to waste your time.


Odessa Texas? Why didn't you say so? I know many Texans believe that there is no world of any import beyond Texas, but when one says Odessa or Paris, one naturally assumes it is the most famous cities of those names. People with Asberger's are normally more precise in their speech.


Tall..just reviewed the article you posted on SBRT trials, results etc. When i initially joined this forum you were very helpful to me in several areas of understanding PC in the context of my own case. Since then my PSA has continued to rise to present 12.95% in May,2019. In Dec,2018 it was 11.40 and at that point my Urol recommended i start treatment. He turned me over to one of the Rad Oncs at Emery in Atlanta who specialized in EBRT. I have had 3TMRIs every December for the last 3 years and continue to be GS 6 based on 2nd op from Johns Hopkins in 2016 I have continued on AS up to now.Anyway, i sent my last 3TMRI...Dec,2018 to Natl Cancer Inst for 2nd op due to a new lesion which the local MRI review said had shown up. Dr.Peter Choyke at NCI did not see that new lesion. My Urol said he didnt care and still recommended EBRT. At that point i told him i wanted a fusion guided Biopsy before i would decide on any treatment and what kind etc. He and i agreed to disagree and we fired each other. I had the biopsy....2 prior biopsies in 2015 and 2016 were blind...and im waiting for the results now.

Because my PSA is so high I am trying to decide which form of Radiation i should select if i do agree to start treatment. I am 79 and have diabetes and heart disease so a no treatment decision is something i am seriously considering. I hope and expect there will be no evidence of metastasis in the biopsy report but am prepared for anything due to all the confusion/disagreement from the last did show NO METASTASIS. That said my wife and i will decide what to do based on the results and go from there.

The point of all this is that i have been looking at SBRT as the form of radiation therapy i would probably choose if i start treatment. My primary goal in selecting treatment is to minimize the side effects of any incontinence and from what i have read SBRT measures up pretty well on that...I think? As a result i have been searching for ROs who specialize in SBRT in the Atlanta area and have found a handful...there may be more...who look to be highly experienced in using that form of treatment.

Just wondering if you know of any ROs in this area using SBRT who you would recommend. I did send you one RO awhile back..not SBRT...and you steered me away from what he does due to side effect etc...THANK YOU.

When i get biopsy report in a few days i am sending it to Johns Hopkins for 2nd and depending on their analysis, going from there. Might even go up to Chattanooga to see Dr. Joe Busch for a final look at my case before i decide on treatment.

Will appreciate any recommendations etc you can offer. Thanks for what you do for guys like me in being such a valuable asset to us for informed information about PC.



I know there has been one mentioned to me, but I can't remember his name off hand. I think he was at Piedmont hospital. What are the names you are looking at? Maybe it will jog my memory.

You seem to misunderstand about metastases - they are outside of the local area of the prostate by definition. You will never find them on a prostate biopsy.


Thanks for your reply...two of the Rad Oncs at Piedmont are Chad Levitt and Adam Nowlan...both do SBRT...also a Rad Onc with NE Georgia Radiation Oncology...Malay Rao..

On the topic of are right...guess i do misunderstand. How do they find out if PC has metastasized if not through the biopsy?


Sorry- I don't recognize those names. Here are questions to ask:

They detect metastases with imaging.


thank you very much.


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