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Prostate Cancer, Brachytheropy and Haemorrhoids

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*Story begins............

I'm 60 years old and have worked in the automotive refinishing industry for 40 years.

PSA test at the local surgery.

PSA test comes back 22.

See an oncology doctor /surgeon at the local hospital for a check up.

The doctor advises a biopsy.

Biopsy reveals I have prostate cancer that has escaped the confines of the prostate.

PSA 22, nocturia. Gleason 4+3=7.

See a doctor at the local hospital to discuss treatment.

The advice is six months of hormone treatment (pills and injections), brachytheropy in London hospital and then five weeks of radio therapy at the local hospital.

Three visits to London hospital for chats about processes, pre-op checks and pick up medication.

Arrived at London hospital on Sunday. Monday morning prepared for surgery (brachytheropy).

Sedated. Came round two hours later to be told brachytheropy was not possible because of haemorrhoids.

Oncology doctor/surgeon arranges for me to have a flexible sigmoidoscopy and haemorrhoid surgery at the local hospital.

Had flexible sigmoidoscopy at local Hospital.

Arrived for haemorrhoid and prolapsed haemorrhoid surgery at 7:00 am and was out of the hospital by 3:00 pm.

Now awaiting the second attempt at brachytheropy at London hospital.

Story so far...............

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Good luck hope it's successful but as I've been told it's just the start of the journey with PC, I went RPS and waiting on results from my 1st PSA reading since the op.

I can hear your suffering. I had hemorrhoid rubber band surgery to get rid of the pesty bleeding things. I had prostectomy 2010. I hope when all is said and done , you can begin the recovery process. You are going to need a long period of adjustment to deal with the loss of male erections, possible loss of erotic feeling., hopefully the incontenent period will end soon. etc.. Keep us informed of your recovery process.

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DarrylPartner in reply to Vitruviusman

Could you talk a little more about the rubber band treatment. It is recommended for my hemeroids, but I am concerned about a week or two of rubber band discomfort

My wife had the rubber band treatment. No memory of problems.

For prevention, avoid constipation especially if given medicine with constipation as a side effect, take something to avoid the constipation.

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Dannymc in reply to Vitruviusman


Good luck and God's Speed to you my friend.

Best of luck with your Hmd treatment. Dont not have your docs rush you through any PCa treatment; its important to heal completely. I was told that Brachy was useful for men with cancer confined to the prostate and for men with normal sized prostate and with a PSA lower than you mentioned. I had my brachy in March and external beam in May/June. We started the hormone treatment in January. Id have a very frank discussion with your radiologist about the success of the treatment they are offering- given your circumstances. I'm most curious why they advise brachy when the cancer has escaped. (I am 75, PSA was 8, GL was combo of 6 and 7). Please read the 2017 NCCN patient guidelines for Prostate Cancer, available online- its free.

I had the rubber band technique on ONE hemorrhoid. I had complications. The rubber band, BLOCKED the blood flow from The affected hemorrhoid, and caused the blood to back up and caused the inflammation of the surrounding blood vessels,which caused more hemorrhoids. I was in absolute agony. I ended up in the ER 3 times for pain management--opiates-hydrocodine/Oxycoten. Caused major constipation, which caused more hemorrhoid. My mother had this procedure done and she did not have such complications. It took me 5 weeks to heal.

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DarrylPartner in reply to Vitruviusman

Thanks for your sobering remarks

Darryl, one month after the recuperation ended which is approximately two months from the time I had the procedure. I can say that I've had no problems at all and my a****** is all back to normal

Would I ever want to go through that process again probably not. Because the pain was excruciating. Others may not have the complications with that same procedure that I did. Perhaps I'm more prone to it than others. As I said my mother had the procedure as well as my friend and they didn't have any issues at all

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