Patience is needed in your cancer journey.

Patience is needed in your cancer journey. The whole process will try your patience to the max. Waiting for your biopsy, results, testing before surgery, surgery, waiting for the catheter to be removed, waiting for erections again, dealing with incontinence, etc. This is what I discovered. It is difficult at times. What do you do to stay patient?

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  • patience is needed, along with resiliency..... having the ability to recover readily from illness, depression,and adversity.

  • Well said. Thanks.

  • You've said a mouthful there!

  • Biopsy results waiting period consists of days three times longer than actual days. Sign up with your lab to have results e-mailed or be available to you online. I have been on Active Surveillance since Dec06. Now 70 years old.

  • Good advice. Thanks.

  • Hi Bob,

    You wrote a post seemingly out of the blue here about patience. Short, sweet, and to the point. You've said a lot in a just a few phrases. Thank You.


  • You are welcome.

  • Research and windsurf. Knowledge and exercise are our best weapons.

  • Yes.

  • I read, argue about life, have red wine, sleep and read uplifting comments and premises on this excellent Forum.

  • Great. Good ideas for coping with things.

  • Just a little patience. Axle rose sung it ,if you're a rock fan..yaaa yaaaa just a little patience.Been in short supply most of my life.Now , im still the same..maybe I've learning a little, but still kinda a stubborn mule..

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