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There Is Hope

I've be battling Prostate Cancer for 15 years, from seeds to Casodex to Zytiga with VERY MINIMAL SIDE AFFECTS. My recommendation to newcomers is to join a support group in your area, and go to the Prostate Cancer Research Institute conference in Los Angeles every September. The best advice on up and coming Procedures, Drugs, and Diagnostic tools in the country, HTTP:// PCRI.ORG

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Thanks for the info


Spitzz, all around excellent advise. The September conference given by PCRI is excellent.  I run the Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group at the conference,  so you should come and visit.  

As far as support groups, you should know that this group has an option to find members who are living nearby. You can then reach out to them and meet informally for coffee and conversation.



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