Penile Rehabilitation Therapy following Prostate Cancer Surgery

I had prostate cancer surgery on November 24, 2015. I wore a catheter for 4 weeks. It was removed December 21, 2015. I went to my urologist for a follow-up appointment on January 21, 2015. I asked a lot of questions about impotence, erections, nerve bundles, ejaculations, etc. He told me he was able to spare the nerve bundles which are responsible for erections. I was thankful for that. There was no cancer on the nerve bundles. He gave me 60 days of Cialis, 5 mg, for daily use. He said to take it at the same time every day. He said it is part of Penile Rehabilitation Therapy. By the 5th day I was able to achieve an erection easily. The therapy increased blood flow to my penis. The 60 days went well with good results. I finished the therapy on March 21, 2016. I still have good blood flow to my penis and I can achieve an erection easily. I just wanted to share my good news. I hope everyone has some success in overcoming impotence. I'm only 62 and I'm thankful for the help my urologist gave me. Please share your story.

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  • I left the doctor's office with a huge smile on my face! He reminded me that from now on I would be shooting blanks. I still have my Cowper's gland which produces pre-cum fluid. My orgasms are still good with pre-cum fluid instead of semen. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Bob Jensen

  • Great and thanks for sharing


  • You're welcome.

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