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Side effects

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One of the side effects that bothered Cleoman the most were the hot flashes. He learned to tolerated them after a while but I couldn’t sleep too close to him, otherwise he would get too hot. He would also fall asleep with the fan on facing his side. I wanted to be close to him so instead of cuddling, we would hold hands until we fell asleep.

What side effects is your love one facing and tips to tolerate them?

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I'm a back sleeper. Just as we're trying to fall asleep, my husband gently places his hand on my shoulder. In the mornings we try to snuggle after waking. Sometimes we stay that way for an hour, having fallen asleep again but together. It means so much that closeness. (we're both 78)

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CleodwomanModerator in reply to Lyubov

This is so sweet. I miss cuddling with Cleoman. I understand the closeness you’re talking about. After all his libido was gone…intimacy was different…deeper in a sense. We are lucky to be able to experience it as many couples only know the sexual intimacy type.

There's a product called Ooler that I sleep with. You can control the temp. on your mattress. I sleep perfectly at 61 degrees. I know that is cold, but I sleep like a baby. When I'm away from home I have hot flashes. The device works wonders! Ooler has also been called Chilipad. 🥶🥶

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CleodwomanModerator in reply to NotAlwaysSunshine

61! That’s very cold! Good to know though. Didn’t know about the device. Thx!

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NotAlwaysSunshine in reply to Cleodwoman

The device can be flipped for those that like to stay warm!

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I'm the one with the hot flashes for 28 years, about every 20 minutes. My husband had the occasional flush from ADT that affected his forehead only. Now his very infrequent flushes are from CLL. Mine are still going strong. I'm the one with the fan. He is always cold. We fall asleep holding hands as well.

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CleodwomanModerator in reply to Bethpage

Oh boy, I didn’t think about it. I guess I have those hot flashes to look forward to in a few years. Read the post from notalwayssunshine. I will for sure be getting me a device.

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Bethpage in reply to Cleodwoman

I have the single-side Chilipad. Doesn't touch the hot flashes. Mine started at age 40 and are probably caused by multiple autoimmune. Extended hot flashes don't happen to the majority of women, so don't anticipate. I hope you'll get right through them - or maybe not even have them at all.

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Yes, hot flashes are the side effect that bothers my husband the most too. He gets them multiple times all day and night. They prevent him from getting a good nights sleep. He told me just yesterday that if it weren't for the hot flashes he would forget he even had cancer. He gets cold too, so the cooling pad wouldn't work for him. At night he takes off the covers (and sometimes his t-shirt) when he has a hot flash but then gets cold and puts it all back on. He never complains and has learned to live with it. When it happens when watching TV or when we're together I'll get a cool pack (used for aching muscles) out of the freezer and he'll put that around his neck to cool down. His hot flashes are way worse than anything I ever went through. Unfortunately, he's on ADT for life so he'll never get a break from them.

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