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How to watch Prostate Cancer Patient Conference

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Malecare's two week Prostate Cancer Patient Conference starts tomorrow, December 6. Three to Four presentations per day, weekdays, from Dec 6-10 and Dec 13 -17. There are several ways to choose what to watch.

1. Sign up for Live Sponsored Presentation on December 9, Thursday, at 2PM EST (New York time) here:

2. sign up for the weekly newsletter at Not only will you get free copies of the weekly prostate cancer newsletter, and you'll get morning reminders of each day's events. Presentations begin each day at 2PM EST (New York Time)

3. Keep an eye open for my posts in our community, here.

4. Click on SUBSCRIBE on our Youtube channel at:

5. Check for links and replays, here:

2 Replies
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Dear Darryl,

I hope that you have not started out this new year in a funk because you've experienced such a lack of feedback recently. I did not get to share in the Patient Conference due to too much going on in my life at the time. While waiting for the results of my first PSMA scan, I discovered that I had an entirely new type of cancer to add to my late-stage prostate cancer. Right now, I'm reading everything I can on to get the lowdown on Bladder cancer. I recently discovered that the 4.2 centimeter tumor mass is getting in the way of me voiding my bladder correctly or without a fair amount of discomfort. I will continue to trust that God has a purpose in "blessing" me with this additional tumor type. I hope and pray that you are doing better with your very challenging cancer, Darryl.

Seeking Grace in every step I take,

Scoofer 33

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DarrylPartner in reply to Scoofer33

Hi Scooter. Sorry to read about your second diagnosis. Perhaps this bladder cancer presentation from our conference will be helpful. We are all thinking of you. Cancer?

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