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Welcome to the world's first artificial intelligence prostate cancer newsletter, delivering information tailored to your needs.

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Sign up for the world's first Artificial Intelligence-driven prostate cancer newsletter here: malecare.org/prostate-cance...

Malecare's Prostate Cancer Newsletter sifts through over a hundred trusted sources and sends you content based on your unique interests and behaviors.

Our 'backend" learns about your interests from the way you interact with the newsletter. It's much less creepy than it sounds. If you want advanced stage information, 70% of the articles will be about advanced-stage prostate cancer. Same for newly diagnosed, complementary treatments, clinical trials, etc.

We'll send you 3-6 articles per issue on Mondays and Thursdays. Just in case your interests change, about 30% of the newsletter will include slightly different prostate cancer topics. And, if there's no news for you, we won't send you anything.

Malecare's Prostate Cancer Newsletter is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Subscribe here: here: malecare.org/prostate-cance...

Why you want this:

Better conversations with your doctor.

Zeroed in on what you want to know, at a level you can understand

Personalized for critical moments in your journey.

Early notice about new medications, treatments, and clinical trials.

What we do not include:

Pharma sponsored articles and interviews

Superficial stories and useless testimonies

Recycled old news

Bottom line:

We hope this becomes the only newsletter you will ever need to help you live a longer and happier life.

Subscribe here: here: malecare.org/prostate-cance...

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