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Giving Tuesday and Ponzi Schemes

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Soon, everyone in the USA is going to get "Giving Tuesday" requests for donations. Malecare will not be sending you such a request. While we are in dire need of donations, I think local hospitals and food banks have a more acute need. If you can afford to donate to multiple organizations, then, yes, please help Malecare with a donation at .

ALSO, please beware of organizations promoting "matching funds."

Last year, Malecare received a wonderfully generous donation for a matching fund. (Thank you!). From that, I know how hard it is to develop and manage matching funds. And, how easy it can be to cheat the public. There are Ponzi style schemes where a nonprofit might be matching dollar A, which then becomes a match for dollar B, which then becomes a match for dollar C. Another method is to create a matching fund for May with money previously donated in April. So, if a nonprofit says they have a matching fund, ask them who or what is doing the matching and if this is new money or recycled from previous donations.